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I have recently managed to get my laptop infected with spyware, trojans etc. My internet browsers(both IE & Firefox) not only open random popups and sites, but also fail to load certain websites, like facebook, google search(only the front page loads) & isohunt.

The last thing I remember doing is deleting cookies during the sites were being loaded.

Another issue is that these sites work perfectly fine in safe mode, but fail in normal mode.

I have tried loading various spyware and anit-virus but nothing seems to get this spyware out. Also tried deleting all cookies, reinstalling firefox etc.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease help!!!!

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hey dude , I was also having the same problem bt now I hve resolved tht..u can do two things:

1)just close the explorer.exe from the task manager and then run the web browser.i m sure now u can open all ur website nd after some time u can again start the explorer.exe.

2)if this doesnt work then u can use proxy sites too for opening these websites

for me the first one I hope my reply will help u in some ways
Thank you

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hey ravi thanks a lot. Ur advice did work 4 me.
But isnt there a permanent solution? and why does this happen, it never happened until a few days back.
> pratzo
I have this problem too! did you fix it!? please help!
I have the same problem, My anti virus AVG keeps fnding viruses
and some sites on firefox wont work or search it realy annoying and pop ups keep showing up
right now i'm going to try what Ravi said.
and if doesnt work then please someone post more suggestions!
i closed the explorer.exe thing and now I have no desk nor home bar what do I do to get them back O_O
to open the explorer.exe again just open task manager and in the run type explorer.exe and hit enter button ........ur task bar wll open again.
another option is tht just press window+ r button the run prompt l open and then type explorer.exe

It seems that the 3.01 update to Firefox was infected with a trojan although mozilla hasn't admitted it yet. To fix this problem to to and search for Malwarebytes . Download this program and run it, your browsers will return to normal.
Thanks troop. That did the trick.
Thank you, seems to have worked like a charm!

Cheers to you!
You are da man! That program worked out. My system is way better!
Go to start
click on run
then type '%temp%' without the apostrophes
A folder will open
press Ctrl+ A
then press Shft+delete
click yes on popup
If U r using both firefox and internet explorer and most of the sites are not opening then for this problem one solution is that U have to clear all the history and cookies from the browser then Restart your browser.

That's it


hi everybody I hve got the permanent solution for this problem .so lets start this:

firstly u hve to download a tool name SDFIX frm the link below---

and follow these steps:
1. Copy SDFix folder to System's Root Drive(the drive in which ur window is installed)
2. Restart Windows and press F8. Select Safe Mode and press Enter.
3. Logon in the same account tht u r using now.
4. Confirm that Windows is running on safe mode by clicking the Yes button.
5. go to ur system drive(must be c: drive) and open the SDFIX folder
6. Double-click on RunThis to start SDFix batchfile.
7. On the SDFix startup screen, type Y to proceed.
8. SDFix will start scanning processes, services and files for possible infection.
9. Wait until SDFix finished scanning the whole system
10. After scanning, SDFix will prompt for restart. Press any key to proceed.
11. After restart, logon in ur account to finish the system cleanup. SDFix will show confirmation that the process is already finished. Press any key to proceed.
12. System will display text report about what SDFix found during the process.
13. Logoff and logon to assigned account.

i hope this works for u guyz .......
installed and updated spybot, it found SO many things that other antivirus and anti-malware programs missed! thank you!
Yo thanks Ravi, ur fix worked perfectly!
Thank you Ravi - you are a GOD!!! SDFix was the only thing that worked.
ravi, Thank you so mutch I have tried everything and this actualy worked. IE works just fine now.
Hi, Ravi:

I tried this fix for face book (I have to write FB like that cuz if I don't, I get that server error) not loading and it didn't work. It's the ONLY webpage that I can't get to. I just don't understand it.... Also, no matter what I do, if I type FB all the way out ANY where on a page (even in the search bar in Google), I will get that same error. It seems to be linked more to the WORD than the website. I can access my webpage from a friend's computer tho, so it's not the site,

Any ideas? I'm running XP Pro on a HP laptop...

Thank you!

i have the same problem with my 10 PCs, I just uninstalled zonealarm firewall and firefox worked again...
Had problem with pages that didn't load in firefox but in IE and Chrome.
The trick was simply to remove the cookies for the affected sites.

Havn't had this problem before so I guess it's new in FF3.03
I had this problem too, I intalled many spyware removers but didn't work, I tried to remove the spyware with antiviruses but they didn't recognize them.

First I suggest you make a system restore, many times it helps.

If it's too late to use the system restore, then get Kaspersky antivirus is the best in the market, it helped me, it's the only one that detected the spyware I had and it also removed it, I tried Norton, Mc Affee and NOD 32 but they didn't.
THanks I think the spybot search and destroy worked. I am using vista so I couldnt carry out the other method. good luck guys :)
I'm trying to take everyones advice but when I get to the installation of spybot it says "a connection with the server could not be established" . My DSL is fine.

Now what? Every program I tried didn't work bc of an updating issue. wont even come up - it says google link --"ooops this link apears to be broken" ... wtf??

help anyone??

> drmaqen
I'm trying to take everyones advice but when I get to the installation of spybot it says "a connection with the server could not be established" . My DSL is fine.

Now what? Every program I tried didn't work bc of an updating issue. wont even come up - it says google link --"ooops this link apears to be broken" ... wtf??

help anyone??


I'm having a knightmare with this....

my laptop won't do system restore - it sticks on the next button.

yes you can't download all the various .exe files on the sites as the browser says the site is down - but it's not - it's actually part of the virus stopping you get the file!

so I downloaded on my other machine and e-mailed the 2 exe(sdifix.exe and and search for Malwarebytes) files you are all talking about. I then had to rename them to save them onto my laptop, and rename them back again.

It won't let them run them - (i mean after clicking on the yes button - you run them get the egg timer for about 15 seconds and nothing happens)

I tried to install a different xp version - but the computer doesn't seem to recognise my disk drives at all - it just says to insert a disk all the time.

help1 help! help!
> johnworf

i'm not sure but you might wanna look into this.. may be this is what's causing troubles for your computer!!!
> roshni
hi roshi,

yes that's the one all right - that's what i've got there is more info on how to remove at the microsoft site...

it's called Conficker, Downadup, or Kido

i think the way to remove it is to download the MSRT on another PC...

and put it on your machine that's infected.

Unfortunately I gave my laptop to some tech guy to sort out before I could try it myself.

hey guys... I had the same problem. but I opened mozilla in safemode.. and it's working fine now.
start>all programs>mozilla firefox>mozilla safemode.... dunno if it's gonna work for you guys... but it's worked for me!

hope it helps!
I didn't try the 13 step thing, but spybot-search and destroy did the job for me. I think it's a very underrated program. You can get it on
it works well.

good luck

guys I had the same problem some guys told me something with cookies but if u want them to work just download safari it might not be as fast as fire fox but it well do all these things
thanks olevando

hope it helped

i actually took my laptop to some computer guru and he eventually sorted it - but I think it's because you have the same bad virus going around namely...

ok I know what it is now....

The Conficker malware outbreak has continued to spread among corporate PCs in what appears to be the biggest IT security breach in the past seven years.

Initially it was reported Conficker, or Downadup, focused on machines that weren't patched with a Microsoft emergency fix released last October (MS008-067).

However since then, the bug has evolved and is now able to spread to patched computers through portable USB drives through brute-force password-guessing, reports.

Once in the machine, the worm can browse through the network the computer is connected to and copy itself to other machines, according to the article. This means users do not have to be at their computers or even logged on for the bug to spread.

Many experts have compared the Conficker attack to Nimda, another bug that hit corporations in 2001, which spread quickly as well. Others have speculated the bug may be the beginning stages of a new botnet.

Infected machines can potentially reveal users' personal and financial information, though it is unclear if that is the objective of the cybercriminals behind the attack. With the presidential inauguration scheduled for tomorrow, it's possible the cybercriminals may act then, since they traditionally like to coincide attacks with large events.

download this and install on your infected machine..this should fix it...

what you are going to need to do is - get to another machine download some software and load it your screwed up machine on from another machine
I know a good cure use it or loose it this program is amazing

Download and install malwarebytes then update and run a full scan. I bet this will solve everyones issues.
i think this is due to Trojan Vundo infection. almost all spywares fail to detect it. if some one knew please provide a solution.

I have a similar problem with Firefox 3.5.5

Most websites load as usual but the Google searches do not work. The homepage will load, and so will the page with the links but I keep getting diverted to other sites the moment I click on the links. Google Image links DO work, but not much else.

Some sites also seem to have glitches on them, they are ones I use regularly (eg. Facebook, Twitter) and will freeze from time to time causing me to restart my computer, sometimes it doesn't turn off. This does not happen with other sites that I use, mainly those two.

I have scanned my computer thoroughly(with many different programs - sometimes all at once) for viruses or other spy-ware, and do so frequently but nothing has been found.

I've even cut down to the most basic of programs on my computer - sacrificing my project work along the way, but nothing helps. It has already deleted over 3 years worth of files and important documents in my other profile, I don't want this one to go too.

I cannot afford to loose this computer and I have no money to get it properly fixed(if that is the problem), but I need a solution and preferably one that doesn't involve me getting into trouble for 'screwing' with the computer.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
It worked for me. I will never buy a norton product.

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