Can't see files or desktop icons...malware? [Solved/Closed]

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For some reason I can't see any of my files or desktop icons. I couldn't access task manager for a while so I ran a Malwarebytes scan, removed the 5 threats it found, and can now see task manager but still not any of my files on the C drive or desktop icons.

I'm sure it's some kind of malware as I had a fake "windows warning" (or something like that...) thing pop up a few weeks back that was definitely not legit. How can I fix this?


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Try this way bro..
Right click on ur Desktop > View > Tick on "Show Desktop Icon"

maybe it's work..


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Hello Jonathan,

Looking at you log, you system is no longer infected but the desktop was disabled.

First, go to run and type explorer.exe and click ok. It should restore the desktop. If that does not work...

Open your registry editor (run regedit) and search the following key

HKLM\...\policies\Explorer] - "NoActiveDesktop"=1

Change the "1" to 0 and reboot your machine

If the above does not recover the missing icons, you will need to restore the system.

Good luck
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you need to unhide files first

run this command as a administrator

Attrib %systemdrive%\*.* /s /d -h


Navigate to %temp%\smtmp folder,you should find your startmenu and desktop icons
if u dont find smtmp folder just restore the icons using recuva
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