How to convert an MSWMM to other formats?

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I would like to know if somebody knows how to convert an MSWMM file into other formats because I did a small movie with the windows movie maker and I would like to post in into Facebook but it is saying that the format is not supported and also when I tried to use other converters, this type of formats MSWMM cannot be chosen to be converted.

I appreciate your help regarding this matter.

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No need to install other software - you will notice loads of people with loads of application suggestions, majority of time these are not just someone being helpful.

.MSWMM is *not* a video format - it is an editor/timeline/etc format which marks which video segments, transitions, captions and audio overlays you have used. A *Project* file.

If you open .MSWMM in Windows Movie Maker it will only work if the corresponding video file exists... if you clicked Save before - that didn't save a video, just the PROJECT.

If the video still exists, use the File>Save Movie File... or "Save to my computer" options and it will encode the video in the way you edited it - if you did no editing just find the original video and upload that directly.

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Awesome! Thanks for the help!
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you have to finish the movie first. under movie tasks, there should be a finish movie selection. Choose that and go to "save to my computer". save it as a wma or wmv or whatever format they give you. just not the mswmm.
I tried that but it wont save it under wma or wmv it just goes right back to MSWMM.
Your original video you were working on is probably missing - can you find the original video file that you were working on?

WMA is audio - you shouldn't expect this file
WMV is video

The options are not of wmv etc, it's of compression types - for upload the "Large Quality" I find is best.

When you open your MSWMM - can you play your video inside movie maker?