How to convert an MSWMM to other formats? [Solved/Closed]

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I would like to know if somebody knows how to convert an MSWMM file into other formats because I did a small movie with the windows movie maker and I would like to post in into Facebook but it is saying that the format is not supported and also when I tried to use other converters, this type of formats MSWMM cannot be chosen to be converted.

I appreciate your help regarding this matter.

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Why are people recommending video converters? Ah - "helpful spam" that's why.

No need to install other software - you will notice loads of people with loads of application suggestions, majority of time these are not just someone being helpful.

.MSWMM is *not* a video format - it is an editor/timeline/etc format which marks which video segments, transitions, captions and audio overlays you have used. A *Project* file.

If you open .MSWMM in Windows Movie Maker it will only work if the corresponding video file exists... if you clicked Save before - that didn't save a video, just the PROJECT.

If the video still exists, use the File>Save Movie File... or "Save to my computer" options and it will encode the video in the way you edited it - if you did no editing just find the original video and upload that directly.

Thank you, DrSquirrel 111

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Awesome! Thanks for the help!
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i tryed to save mine and I have loads o clips making the film but when it comes to saving it it keeps saying Error - Please Try Again or somethin like that what do I do ??
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you have to finish the movie first. under movie tasks, there should be a finish movie selection. Choose that and go to "save to my computer". save it as a wma or wmv or whatever format they give you. just not the mswmm.
I tried that but it wont save it under wma or wmv it just goes right back to MSWMM.
You're original video you were working on is probably missing - can you find the original video file that you were working on?

WMA is audio - you shouldn't expect this file
WMV is video

The options are not of wmv etc, it's of compression types - for upload the "Large Quality" I find is best.

When you open your MSWMM - can you play your video inside movie maker?
I meant to say Your not You're, opps.
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no need to convert. Run Windows Movie Maker and open the MSWMM file. Just publish the movie as file by "File/Save to my computer" and follow on-screen instructions.

if you search for other better slideshow software for alternative to Windows Movie Maker. try Wondershare Movie Story, easier to use, more input and output formats supported, tons of 2D and 3D effects. According to my own experience, I suppose it's the best alternative to Window Movie Maker.

hope that helps

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jaa nikal
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if you are wanting to put it on Facebook it very simple and takes time. basically open the file the click file. one of the options should say save movie file. click next until it is loading this usually takes like 5-7 mins. after it will ask you to whatch it after that you can go to facebook and upload it.
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the only solution I can find is to use some shareware programs, do it yourself and upload the results.