Computer keeps logging off automatically ...

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I have windows XP professional on my laptop...I made a blunder of installing two different Anti-virus software on my laptop!!!. (i didn't remove the old version first),
so after the "installation-restart" from the recent Anti-virus , I can log in, BUT, the computer autimatically logs me off, it doesn't shut down, it just goes back to the log-on screen ... I've tried staritng in SAFE MODE , but that didn't help either ! please help

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The main reasons behind this problem is a corruption in the registry key which holds the value of the files which are executed while login to windows. This registry key can get either replaced with some incorrect value or it might get corrupt due to some virus / trojan activity. Lets see how to fix this issue.

We need to remotely access the infected computer from another computer on same network. Then we need to correct the registry key for userinit under winlogon.

Lets see the steps one by one:

1. Connect the infected computer to a network which has at least one healthy computer connected. Power on both of the computers.

2. From the healthy computer, Go to Start > Run, type regedit.exe and press enter. This will launch the registry editor.

3. Go to File > Connect Network Registry, by using this infected computer's name or IP address.

4. Locate this entry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

5. At this entry there is a key names userinit, double click on the key and set its value to "C:\WINDOWS\System32\userinit.exe,"

Exit the registry editor, restart the infected computer. This is it. This will work for most of the computers.
Thank you

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thanks a lot u gave me the real solution :)
Dude, I have the same problem, but where do I find 4? It would be really helpful. Thx. Also have the weird screen thing that makes it shut off every once in a while, so if you could tell me how to check where I got it from, that would be very helpful.
i have the same problem but when I click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, an error message "Cannot open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: Error while opening key"
Wait, I got it. I just wasn't looking in the right spot.
this time I have an answer!!!!!!!! real one!!!!!
i realised(yes, my school teaches british english) that a lot of the antivirus programs (AVG, kaspersky, blah) have sth similar to a "residential shield" in AVG, it simply keeps scanning your computer (or sth like that, im not so sure), this creates problems such as the uTorrent problem and so on, there are a few solutions:
1. switch off your antivirus (which is rather stupid)
2. delete your antivirus (same thing)
3. switch off your residential shield from your antivirus options
4. most antiviruses have an exceptions option to add exceptions to the scan, go to "Add exceptions" from AVG or other AV and add your system32 folder to the exceptions list, just in case, you could also add the msn messenger folder from program files to prevent the login/logoff problem
i had the same problem. just go into control panel & go into power option and go to the advance tab and uncheck "prompt for password when computer remains on standby"
thanx a lot billy..
So I have the same problem but I have an HP mini so I cant run a disk or anything.
Since I cant log on I cant get to the control panel or the internet. What can I do??
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Dear Kovac,

This problem may be the problem of windows.
put windows cd and boot from cd.
it will load windows files and it will asking for press F8 to accept license .the it will detect the previous version if windows. then it will asking for "don't Repair",Repair

in that time press "R" for repair. It will remove old windows files and load new windows file with out losing of data and software which is loaded in your sytem.

may this idea will help to you.
if solved please mail me

i had the same problem and I was clueless of what to do, I brought it to the repair guy but the pay was too much. I ended up getting a new 1, this doesnt help much but im just sharing my experience, really sorry about ur laptop
Switch off UAC

Start > Run
Type UAC
do you have Outlook Express runnig on you PC?
If you have an hook in options -> connection you'll be logged off every time when outlook receives emails. The simplest thing is to take the hook out and all is okay. For questions, please contact me.

you probly just have a .bat file with shutdown -f or something in your startup. look in c:\documents and settings\"the account your logging into'\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, that folder shouldn't have anything in it. Also try runing msconfig to edit your autorun.
i have sony vaio laptop model number VGN - F 850/W with window xp . it restarts automatically after I login through administrator .
sounds like a trojan attack (for example beast) for you all abt the restarting problem, dunno abt the msn problem,......
@luageek Oh no. I have the exact same problem. My computer is an acer aspire 5253 that I got just last year for Christmas. If it's a trojan virus then I hope it's not like one I have on my other computer, because it used to just not start, but now the internet just can't work on it.