Windows 7 Prof. (x64) - Startup Failuire

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I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition on my desktop. I have a startup up error that the repair tool sometimes cannot find, but sometimes it finds an error on Bugcheck 50 of the Bugcheck analysis phase. With hex parameters = 0xfffff880009aaff8, 0x0, 0xfffff8000327985b, 0x0.

I have done multiple system restores, but that has not solved the problem. Is there anything I can do to solve this without reinstalling Windows?


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Reinstalling OS may be the possible option

If this reoccurs then you may need to check your RAm,change RAM slots and try

your can check your RAM using memtest86+ application. You can download it from the below link.
I now know this:

But I did not change any hardware, and system restore did not work.

This makes me believe either the RAM failed, though my BiOS 'should' tell me so, or a corrupted NTFS problem.

Since I forced the shutdown last time, I think it may be the latter. However when I try to Chkdsk it, it says it is write protected, though I should be the admin. And write protected is by default disabled in BiOS

Go to


Upload the dump file to

and paste the link here
Thanks for replying,

It appears I am in X:\windows\ in cmd prompt, and C: is system reserved. And there is not an X:\windows\minidump that I find from using cd, or dir.

//startup up error that the repair tool //

which repair tool?

So you have the startup error alone and not the actual blue screen issue

Can you run this and let me know if you find anything suspicious
I do have the bluescreen error.

I cannot get Windows up and running on my C drive it seems.

So you are not able to boot into PC either in safemode or normal mode right?

Boot into recovery console and try to run chkdsk
I am not given the option to boot up in safe mode.
it won't let me run Chkdsk, it says the disk is write protected.

Use this command

chkdsk c: /r

ignore any errors and run it
The command ran that time. It did not find any file error, but it still stopped with code 0x50.

A strange thing I noticed is it state the total memory on the disk was around 100000 KB (100MB), but I have a 1 TB HDD. Which if this is what the system thinks now for some reason it would mean a page fault error would occur wouldn't it?
Reinstalling the OS worked. I must have interrupted an update or something with the force shut down. I appreciate your help. Thanks sundar.
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