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Hello, I have unistalled a CC cleaner using the windows unistal program and have lost all picture folders and text folder from my desktop and have run system restore to no avail in finding them . They are no where to be found and have spent hours using the seach feature and even going folder by folder and file by file via the system hard drive . Help as there where alot of important photos and text files on my desktop I really would like back .
Thanks Robert .

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//However after removing the one suggested by the MS website //

what does this line mean?

Were you infected by a rogue? Did you get any harddisk errors?

go to run and type

%temp% and click ok

Search for smtmp folder ,if you have one save it to a safe place and let me know


If you have windows 7,try this

go to

C \Users\Public

Right click on the desktop folder

Click on restore previous versions tab and select a previous point and restore

If you were infected by any rogue let me know.
Thank you

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you can share it ,appreciate your interest

At other issue,can you say me the actual error code of windows update
Thank you

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CCM 2821 users have said thank you to us this month

//Hello, I have unistalled a CC cleaner using the windows unistal program//

How is ccleaner related to the issue?

There is no way this can happen.Can you give us more details.

Do you have other icons on your desktop?
I wish I knew how it was related as everything I had on my desktop except 3 icons dissapeared after uninstalling the cleaner . My Firefox , recycle bin and a differant reg cleaner are still there . However after removing the one suggested by the MS website that I had DL'd as a trial using uninstal from the control panel everything else went poof . Lost folders with text files , pics , important docs as well and have tryed everything I know to find them . I even looked in the root dir using command promt . I am starting to think the uninstall failed and took everything . I do not know what else to tell you except everything was there before I unistalled the cc cleaner and now it is gone and am desperate to retrive it of at all possible .
sundar7701 ... let me know if there is specific info I am not relating but this is about all I can tell you is that it was there before the uninstal and now it's gone .
Thanks again for helping
Here are the web sites for the 2 cleaners I had on my system . I unistalled the one from the 2nd site and thats when all the stuff vanished from my desk top . ...... <<<<< this is the one I uninstalled .

Have not gotten any errors of any kind computer still runs fine with no probs it is just lost data that I am trying to restore . Have run the system restore but nothing is coming back to desktop . Am going to try your c\users\public sugestion now though as I tried just a general restore .
As to finding out if I was infected by a rogue how would I know that .
Sign a dummy LOL
I went in via the user file but instead of the publc one I went into the one that had a lock on it and just opened it from an older date .... I veared a little from your instructions but I can say with out your help getting to where that was I would not have found them . THANK YOU SO MUCH .
C\User\ then your locked profile ..... opened rather then restore older version and all files were there .... then I simply copied them back to desktop and it is all there .
Thanks you sundar ...... files found and restored .
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Thanks for the feedback.Happy that you got your files back.
I will definatly be keeping this site in my favs . The info and directions are very clear . As for feedback I am posting your site to my facebook wall if that is OK so that others can take advantage of all this information on here .

I do have one other issue not related to files and thats the windows update keeps saying failed to to error ... 007 if I remember correctly . Would you know anything about how to solve that as it has been weeks and I keep ignoring it LOL .
Thanks again

I will wait for the error code

You can try this


Run it,you will see two options



Select default and run it,if you still get the error

Run in aggressive mode

let me know
Here is the code and have yet to try the link ... Code 643 Windows Update encountered an unknown error .

WindowsUpdate_00000643" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"

copied from the get help with this error
Am trying the link now .
same error code after running in default ... trying aggressive this time .
ran it again and got the same error code even after aggressive ... now what ?
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check the link given below
giving it a shoot now ... will let you know in a few .... thanks again for all the time you have spent in helpping me .
No joy ... same error code and I even tryed the instructions twice .

Create a new user (admin) account.Disable your security software and try to install

If you get the same error,you can download dotnet framework manually and install it
How and where would I get this from and will it change my setting or desktop ? After all your help I really don't want to lose anything again LOL .
P.S. how do I make a new account ?
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GO to control panel>>user accounts>>manage another account->>create a new one>>select administrator>>click ok

I asked you to create a new user account and try to run windows updates,that doesnt make you lose your file.

If you still face error

This is for dotnet framework 4

Install it

I guess that 643 error code which microsoft shows was for the dotnet framework
Will have to try that later ... thanks again for all your help and info . I have posted the web site on my wall in Facebook as well . 5 Stars in info help and ease of understanding it .
HAGD and will get back to you if and or when I get this issue fixed .
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good luck
no luck on that either . going to call in a guy I know to take a look and see if he can figure it out . did the new user account like you said and same thing on the error code and to top it off IE wouldn load at all .... oh well main thing is computers working ok and I got my stuff back .
Thanks again for all your help and info .
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you're welcome