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My iPhone detects other wifi networks but doesn't detect mine. Work help desk said that my router does not send a signal for others to join but the iphone must send a signal with the network name asking to join set it to disable encryption.... I don't know how to make the iphone ask to join. I'v put in the network name and tried all the settings WEP etc. but still receive no signal from home wifi that works well in other rooms on laptops.


System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

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old thread, but still worthwhile...
another solution.
Change "channels" on the wifi hotspot.
Using MacBookPro as hotspot: My iPhone would not connect whereas my iPad would. After much gnarling of teeth, I changed channels in Sharing setup (on MacBookPro) and --- it worked.
@JoeBob, Thanks alot, this happened to me with my MBP, Ipad & Iphone! Changed Channels and Back to Normal, Thought I would say thanks for the tip!!
I had the same problem, in your wireless device you can select (airport utility) you can select the radio mode in order for your apple I phone to work try to set it to 802.11n and select the 802.11b/g compatible that should do the trick
I had the same problem. My network name had a space in it "John Smith" I changed it to "John_Smith" and it fixed the problem. I know can access my router! I hope it helps you with your problem.
i have been looking up answers to help me with my itouch for days, and this is what fixed it! thanks :D
Fantastic - spot on!
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Wi-fi users are often advised to disable or hide the SSID (Service Set Identifier, or simply, the network name) of their routers as a security measure. This tip appears in numerous web pages, books, and magazines. It even shows up on the websites of wireless product manufacturers.

The idea behind disabling SSID is to make your wireless router "invisible" to hackers and other malicious users. Unfortunately, merely disabling SSID is not effective as a security measure, and any active wi-fi router can be revealed quite easily. Free tools like Netstumbler ( will display all active wi-fi routers, regardless of whether their SSID is hidden. Worse, disabling SSID can actually degrade network performance.

The "hide SSID" myth was actually been debunked for years. No less than Robert Moskowitz, senior technical director at ICSA Labs warned against it as far back as Dec 2003, in a paper titled "Debunking the Myth of SSID Hiding" (PDF warning).

"Efforts to hide the SSID are at best half-measures which lead to a false sense of security and to a degradation of wireless network performance." Moskowitz wrote.

Microsoft also advices against disabling SSIDs, as evidenced by these two pages from its TechNet website — "Non-broadcast Wireless Networks with Microsoft Windows," and "Non-Broadcast Wireless SSIDs: Why hidden wireless networks are a bad idea." So, you should merely change your router's SSID, and not disable it.

For more robust security wi-fi measures, use WPA encryption, set a strong password, and turn on MAC address filtering.
hi I had the same problem, then a got the app called wififofum and it found the signal, and now it works.

hope this helps :)
but how can you get the app if you need the internet to download it xD?
I had the same problem, my Belkin router was broadcasting a b/g signal but still my iPhone would not detect it - I just found out why. My SSID had spaces in it - so instead of using something like "my home network" try "network" and not to use any accented characters either. I changed that and suddenly the iPhone and my husband's HTC phone can connect. Strange, but true!
Thank you so much. This is exactly what was wrong but I dont know why. The SSID has had a space in it for months and it was working then all of a sudden it didnt today.
Its really does works. I had the same problem
Ok u should click on ur wifi and say forget network if thts not there then unplug ur wifi for a minute then plug it back on
This worked. Changing the name of the network, I had an underscore between two words. Took the last woed and the underscore out and my iPhone connected as soon as the router reset itself. THANK YOU. My wife was getting ready to kill me when I couldn't get our iPhones connected to the wifi.
The tools at belkin told me do this do the other and after 25 mins on the phone to them this guy come to a conclusion that it was the iPhone that was not able to pick up the wifi signal then read this message from Tenman just removed the space in the network name and now can connect thanks Tenman
Many people inadvertantly confuse "connect to a hidden network " with "create my own network " using the same ssid address and password for both.

The effect is that they often detect themselves [or another wrongly transmitting/set computing device other than the router , thinking that they have in fact detected the router .

This problem is compounded in households with multiple laptop usage where one of them has inadvertantly been wrongly set, causing confusion to other laptops/phones if the router should fail, leaving the laptops reconecting to the strongest signal which may be another wrongly set "create my own network"laptop in the vacinity rather than the router

This problem shows up as a faint ssid address on the wireless list of available networks, or in the case of a dell 1300 laptop that I have, it showed up as a an ssid adress with a red cross accross it and yellow bar rather than the normal red indicating some kind of connection.

It took me one year to figure out the above in a ureeka moment and it explained the intermittent peculiar behaviour of all the laptops in the household .

If a neighbour has hacked /been given the wireless details/password to connect to your router this can further compound the which case reset the router broadcast address and security password .

I have searched the internet to see if anyone else has spotted the above ,but alas
only endless numbers of people who cannot connect to their own routers when they could before or others with similar computer can...being given the most incredible advice .

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