Please help! An issue with my external HDD

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I recently bought two 500 Go Packard-bell USB HDD and i have a real problem with them. When i insert them they are all detected but i can only explore the first one inserted. The second one inserted does not appear in windows explorer. I'm running Windows 7. Please help, i reall y need a solution. Thanks in advance.

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These hard drives are powered off the USB port. You computer can't supply the power needed to run two hard drives. You need to either buy a power supply for each HD (they might have a 5 volt power plug) or buy a POWERED USB HUB that can supply the required current.

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Thanks xpcman,
The problem was solved just by activating the disk from the Disk Management Tool in Windows. The second disk inserted was automatically inactivated by Windows. After activating once from "Disk Management Tool" in control Panel, the problem was definitely solved.