Keyboard gone wild!

 jen -

Yesterday i came home I have a Desktop Windows XP & my Keyboard is typing 2 keys at once when i press one button. When i press a number on top it will out like this

Example if i press 7 ...7P or P7
some keys wont do anything at all and if i press the numbers on the side
Example i press 8...85 will come out

whatever i press will come out either with double numbers with dif numbers or letters or even symbols like ,;'.

I tried pressing the number lock that didnt do anything. My babysitter wasnt watching my kids accordingly so i assume they touched something & i dont know how to get it back or maybe even broke it. =/ it is a microsoft keyboard. Any help or suggestions would be great thanks in advance!

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It's probably time to replace the keyboard.
Thank you

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I will try that thanks

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