How to change language in my China phone [Solved/Closed]

 dgbarnfield -

My friend bought me a Chinese iPhone F5 in Hongkong. I don't know how to read anything in it. It's all in Chinese language.

Please help me change the language to English.

System Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 535.11

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You can try to dial the following code (At your own risks) to set the language to English.

Successfully tested with a C926.

Thank you.
Thank you

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Thanks, I was frustrated for 3 hours trying to change the language and your code worked for my daxian phone.
Thank you. It worked for my newmind phone
It works for me both my blu phone and oukitel phone. I'm happy. Thank you
Thank you so much. I typed in the code and dialled it and Hey Presto. All in english.

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