My monitor has no signal and my pc won't boot

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hey, i have a dell dimension 4400 note i don't no that much about computers ! anyways i have a dell dimesion 4400 and i got a new video card for it cuz the other one couldn't support my game! and i rplaced it with radeon 9700 series when i did everything was fine till an error message came up and said that i needed an power extension cable of some sort! so i opened up my machine again and then i saw the two floppys hagging out whatever those two white things are, and theyy had labels like p7 p4 p3 so there was a part on the video card that u could stick in. so i took the small one p4 and sticked it on the side of the radeon, but then when i turned it on it stared making this beeping noise and the monitor had no signal to it! the computer would come on with a beeping noise and the monitor wouldn't come on! i have no clue what's going on? uhm please help me with this issue thankyou!:)

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What happened when you took the plug out?

You have a 250W power supply(PS) in that computer. Adding the new video card puts the PS right at its limits. I imagine the PS could not supply power to both the Motherboard and the video card. So it couldn't boot.

The solution is to buy a new power supply. But, be careful - first check to see if Dell used a Mini-ATX supply or a full sized supply. The new supply should be 350 Watts to 500 Watts.

the little white things are called "Molex connectors"

Good Luck
no ! uhm i took that video card out and put and put the old one back in ! it;s still not working i don't kno what to do can someone please help me and make it simple please i don't kno anything about computers just the basics ! starup.thankyou:)
nevermind what i said before thanks ! for the help with your solution~! i was able to figure that out!