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I have a Dell laptop that will not connect to the wireless Internet provided by my in-home router. I can pick up wireless from my iPad and three different iPhones, but not my laptop.

I can access internet on the laptop when plugged into the router's ethernet cord, but not through wireless. It shows me my network when I try to logon, but it is grey in color and unable to select the wireless network.

The router is an AT&T 7550 Router and the Laptop is a Dell Inspirion.

Any suggestions??? Thank you in advanced!

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Thank you

Try this 1
  • 1) First make sure that your wireless connection is not disabled.
    • Click on Start --> In search box, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter
    • "Network Connections" window will be opened. If you find your wireless
    • connection icon in grey color then right-click on it and select "Enable".
  • 2) Check your SSID and the security key.

Note from JamesUlip : if it doesn't work, remove it on device manager, after that install it, click on the top search for driver it worked for me

Good Luck

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Thank you, worked great!
I had the same problem this morning, thank you!!!
Thank you so much, Jack4rall!
Unable to acquire a resolution through this method. I was able to select 'rollback driver' which appeared to provide an adequate solution.
Thank you
Reset router to factory default setting! Spent five hours troubleshooting and this ultimately fixed the problem.