Connecting my PS3 to the internet

Cripster - Feb 9, 2009 at 03:32 PM
 stoney - Feb 16, 2010 at 03:46 PM
My problem is that when i test my connection it always comes up with ey information timed out. Also when i had a look at my friends one he has got about 5 things when it tests but mine only comes up with 2 which are: IP Address and Internet Connection. I have got a THOMSON ST585v6sl Speed Touch wireless router which i got from AOL. Please help

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hi, have the same set up as you, aol and thompson router.check with aol first to see if they have changed connection name and password,,, they did to me without informing me. mine is ******* if they have , and sounds possible you need to open network connections on your pc and go to the thompson web page. clik the speedtouch tab then return to factory settings BUT PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ,PASSWORD ,WEP KEY, WPA KEY AND ALL RELEVANT INFO DOWN FIRST. on the same page as reset factory settings is set up, click this and follow their instructions ( youll need your wep, wpa name password etc. once done turn on your ps3 and go to the internet settings and do it on easy, it should connect staight awawy. it did for me . hope this helps and dont do it your not sure about setting up your router from scratch i dont wanna help you loose your internet.
im also on aol with a 585v6 with a ps3 its wierd sometimes i get a wireless connection others i have to hard wire it then play on that i can have router 2 feet away and still not pick it up unless cabled yet wii which is next to it doesnt have a problem and neither does laptop i thought it was ps3 but it wants to connect via next doors how does that work ?? typical flaws on good things simple solution buy a 10 meter ethernet cable which i did or ask an electronics firm to make one will only cost a few quick but make sure its cat 5 twisted core cable no interference ,or loss of power ..
hope it helps
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Feb 10, 2009 at 05:04 AM
Here's is a good tutorial on how to connect a PS3 to the internet :