Automatically transfer data from one sheet to another

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I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 has about 400 line items. I would like to be able to select certain line items on Sheet 1 and have them automatically transfer to Sheet 2. Sheet 2 will be used as a estimate sheet.

Sheet 1 columns: Line Item Number, Description, Unit
Sheet two has a the name of the job, date, location, owner in row format; it also has columns for Description, Quantity, Unit, Cost and Total. The total column will have a formula.

I'm fairly new to these forums and excel itself. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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I got this code

Sub Update()
Dim faRow, x As Integer

x = ActiveCell.Row
faRow = Sheets("Total").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row

Range("B" & x).Copy Sheets("Total").Range("A" & faRow)
Range("D" & x).Copy Sheets("Total").Range("B" & faRow)
Range("I" & x).Copy Sheets("Total").Range("C" & faRow)

End Sub

and it's working perfect after I change the # of Selected cells in row to be 3.
But the Problem is (or you can say the Issue) that I need to:

1- Copy Cells from Range in sheet1 to Paste them in sheet 2 in Row. instead of selected cells in Row.

2- Take the Name of the Sheet1 to use it when I paste in the Sheet2 as additional Cell. (Like Shima as name of sheet1 to be in cell in sheet2)

3- Clear/Delete Contents of the Copied Row in the Sheet1 after Paste in sheet2.

Please Advise with the Result in Easy way. (because my English is not Perfect)

More info here :

Amr Hamdy
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Would you please provide a sample file so me and the others can better understand your question?
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Mar 27, 2014 at 12:35 PM
Hi Amr Hamdy,

I'm here to help you but I find it hard to understand you.

1) You want to change the cells being copied? or where they are copied to?

2) So sheet1 is called "Shima" and sheet2 is called "Total". And now you want to place the source sheets name "Shima" to the destination sheet "Total". Where would you like to put that data, column D on the first available row?
If so then place the following line before End Sub:
Sheets("Total").Range("D" & faRow).Value = ActiveSheet.Name

3) No problem. Place the following code line before End Sub:
Union(Range("B" & x), Range("D" & x), Range("I" & x)).ClearContents

Let me know if something is unclear.

Best regards,