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i have a hp compaq nx6310 which has just had a new keyboard fitted and since then my speakers won't work but when I plug a headset in the sound works through them, why won't my speakers wrk but my headphone jack does??

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When you plug in a headset two things happen. 1. a prong is bent back so that the laptop speakers are disconnected and 2. the headset is connected to the audio signal. When you un-plug the headset the the prong springs back and reestablishes the speaker connection. A number of people blame Ipod headsets for having plugs that are longer than standard and damaging the prong so that it can't spring back. Some people report that rapidly removing the headset plug has fixed the problem.

It is possible that the speaker wires were damaged during the keyboard replacement since they are very thin and may be exposed during the laptop disassembly.
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Oh wow! Thank you! I had no idea, but that worked for me too!
WOW... It worked for me too in my Dell Latitude E5410 laptop.
I am having a hp compaq nx6310 which has just recently had an innovative keyboard fitted and in view of the fact that then my speakers might not work additional than when I plug a headset.. for more information :
It worked for me as well!! It took about 20 plug-ins/outs, but I am delighted and SO grateful to you, xpcman, for relieving my frustration. Many thank you's!!!
PS: You responded in such a clear and uncomplicated manner, yet demonstrated your depth of knowledge on the subject. Often I am off-put by the tone of online assistance, even though in the past it has been helpful to me. The manner of your response, however, put me right at ease and gave me confidence in the "solution." Thanks again! :)
Worked for me too@ Thanks!
Awesomeeeeeeee !
Worked for me at magical number 7th attempt .
Thank you so much for posting thos solution! It worked like a charm. Thank you once again ^^

thank you so much I rapidly removed the plug off the headset like 15 times altogether and it works again thanks so much . . .. . .
lol - thanks a lot!! worked for me!!
I could not believe it when reading this article.

But it worked for my E5410 as well about ten times.

thank you!!!