My computer keeps re-starting

m.c. - Feb 16, 2009 at 02:00 AM
 m.c. - Feb 17, 2009 at 01:56 AM

I'm so depressed my computer not working, I'm hoping u can offer some technical advice!
You see there was alot of viruses & I installed anti-virus & deleted the viruses, think some system files/registry/boot up files were infected which were deleted in the process, I'm speculating here. So after like half an hour the computer switches off, Then I went into safe mode & did a system restore, it worked for another 10min & switched off,now its
only restarting over & over, I don't know what to do! If I format my computer & re-install windows home xp I'm
gonna lose some really valuable stuff. I was'nt backing up like an idoit! Is there a way to get my computer working again without reformatting or re-installing windows! I cannot go in safe mode,it wont let me it keeps starting up again, but I can get into the Bios, is there a way to fix it from there? Isn't when you put the windows home xp disc in, it has an option to repair windows? Please please help!

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hi M.C...

You are in trouble with damaged windows OS files. OK... i tried to give you some ideas, i think it will help you. If you can't recover your files after using these ideas... plz leave a reply. I will try something more deeply.

1. Install "Portable Windows OS" in a PEN DRIVE using another computer. Portable OS is freely available... just google to download that stuff. After having a portable OS installed pen drive, you must change your BIOS setting to "Boot from Portable drive - enabled". Try booting from pendrive... if succeeded, you can packup your data from hard disc.

2. If the previous idea is not usable for any reason... try removing your Hard disc from your computer and attach in any another XP installed computer as a second hard disc (slave). If succeeded, you can open your Hard disc's portitions in 'My computer' of current computer.

incase, if you face any problem... mail to - binarylover2020 at gmail dot com
Thank you so much for replying to me! Will try what you said but I was just wondering....

What if I use the windows home xp disc ask it to do a system repair? will
the computer work or still keep restarting? I was thinking if it starts up then I can just backup
the important files I need & Then re-format & re-install windows?
hi m.c...

it's OK. You can do something with your WinXP cd.

as per my experience... Repair will do something crazzzzzzy. i mean nothing usefull.

Try the following...

Windows installation will ask you to perform Clean installation (formate C [or any] Colon and install) or "Keep Old Files". You can choose to keep old files.

You can safely keep old files - even if the files are depended to windows folder. Because if you choose to keep old files... new installation will start in a new folder - other than old windows, my document and all stuffs.

Note: try to use Win XP Pro if possible. B'coz i used only XP Pro, thus i don't know about the installation options of windows home xp.
Hi WiserX
All my important files are saved under my documents folder!
So even though its a home xp edition & if I use windows pro
to reformat/install windows I can still retain my old files?
Are you saying this is true or you not sure? Or you saying
the home xp disc will say retain old files?
hi m.c

i'm sure about the "keep old files" option... while installing windows on a previousely windows installed PC. So your My Document folder will be safe. But i'm sure about XP Pro version only.

If the files are very sensitive... kindly use my first or second idea...

Because.. while reinstalling an accedental keyboard hit can do anything... also don't hope microsoft for 100%.
Hi WiserX

Wahooo Fiddling around I manage to fix the problem....
Whenever I put the windows disc in & chose recovery option a command prompt came up, I had no clue what to do!I couldn't find my windows home edition so I used windows xp!So I tried rebooting again,but this time instead of trying safe mode or last good configuration, I used the option to disable automatic reboot when there is a problem, & a blue screen came up stating that I need to stop doing anything further coz there is errors on the c drive-I should disable any anti-virus or stop any backup, disc clean-up or defragmentation before I cause harm to my computer!It said run c:chkdsk/f, So I rebooted from the cd drive again & did that recovery thing again & typed chkdsk/f under the command prompt which was an incorrect command!It said type help which I did & a list of commands came up!I saw a command chkdsk & it did a check&recovery on the c drive!It turned out there was errors with volume & it fixed it up!So I rebooted & the computer came on! It now made sense! At the time the computer went off I was doing a disk cleanup & doing a virus scan & I had my nokia phone plugged in the computer! I noticed most of the time my nokia phone causes my computer to switch off after 15min plugging it in, So I'm guessing that it caused the computer to switch off & since I was running these processes on the c drive at that time it created some volume errors! I assumed its the registry/boot up files cause avast found viruses that were classified as system files!So I assumed when it deleted those viruses it messed the registry/boot up files! Isn't anti-viruses supposed to protect your computer & if its a registry/boot up file it should quaratine it? Anyways I rebooted again just to make sure it starts-up & it starts normal! So do you think I should still reformat& reinstall windows? Cause the registry/boot up thing couldn't have been the problem cause it still wouldn't have started? I was just gonna backup my important stuff on cds & let it be till something goes wrong!lol! I have 3 anti-viruses installed (avast,clamwin & malwarebytes) downloaded for free from the internet, & they all state there are no viruses! Another question, I wanted to know can you have two different operating systems on a computer? Like have windows home xp & windows xp pro installed at the same time & you have the option of choosing which operationing system you like to use? Or this just mess the process up?

Thank you for all the advice & help,it's most appreciated! :-)