Dell Vostro 3560 Not booting up (Not going beyond POST)

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Hi All

I have an issue with my three month old Dell Vostro, I've not used it for a month but turned it on today only to be met with the Dell logo on start up - it does not go beyond POST. I've done a check thru the web for possible troubleshooting info, I've come across suggested fixes and one popular one on this forum were you remove the laptop battery + AC power and discharge the laptop, depressing the power switch for approx 30 seconds then re-starting unfortunately, this fix does not work for my laptop. I'm looking for more suggestions/ help before I take the laptop into a Dell service centre.



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Please try the below mentioned steps (if not tried already) and see if there is any change:

1. Check if the Hard Drive is recognized in BIOS. To check the Hard Drive in BIOS. To enter the BIOS, power on (or restart) your notebook, while the notebook is starting, press <F2> immediately. Check the "Fixed HDD" field on the screen that appears. The Hard Drive should be listed here.
2. If the Hard Drive is detected in the BIOS, follow next step.
3. Run the Dell Diagnostics and check if there are any errors. To start Dell Diagnostics press <F12> when the Dell logo appears, select "Diagnostics" from the menu that appears and hit Enter.
4. If the Hard Drive is not listed in the BIOS, load BIOS defaults by pressing the < F9 > key when in the BIOS and then < F10 > to save current configuration and exit from BIOS.

For more details on the above steps, please visit the following page:

Do reply with results.

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I have the same problem it just shows the Dell Logo, cycles through the lights on the top right of the keyboard twice and restart again, neither F2 or F12 are recognised (something is shown when I press the F12 or F2 keys, but quicly disappear due to the restart)
Any more suggestions ?