My external hard drive suddenly became unllocated

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I have restored an image created by Macrium from my external hard disk which became now unllocated for reasone I didn't now. After the restoration successfuly completed, I closed the macrium environement. Then, after my computer restarted I found that there is a window telling me this:
Windows Manager Boot:
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1- insert your windows installation dis and restart your computer.
2-choose your language settings and then click 'next'
3- click repair your computer.
if you don't have this disc, conatact your system adminstrator.

I booted from Macrium Secure CD version 4.0, which has an option to fix the boot error. Then, I choose fix boot error.
There were four optitions, Which I think were:
Master Boot Recored
Unique Hard Code
Boot Database configuration

After fixing Boot, my system booted correctely.
However, I was shocked that my external hard dirve which mostly has all my very important data has been unllocated. So my system didn't recognised my hard drive.
I am quite sure that I didn't do anything wrong because I am quite keen.
I didn't do anything so far(such as format or created), so could you please let me know if I could do anything to let my drive keep all the data stored on it.
Could you please help me becuase this hard Drive has everything(Images, programs, and data) I did two years ago? It is exactly my archeive.

Even when I resore my system from recovery disk, the same thing is

This is the hard disk management::

Could you please at least give me any program to help me to recover all my data stored on my hard drive which became unllocated. I didn't proceed anything until now because I am afraid that if I had recreated it all the data inside it would be permentely deleted and would not be able to recovered.
It would be highly appreciated if you could help me.


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Apr 12, 2013 at 08:26 PM

you could give this a try:

you may need to format the partition first to give it a drive letter so the software can see it.