Cleaned CPU Fan, now monitor won't work,

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My PC has been shutting down randomly the last few days telling me that it shut down for "excessive environmental damage" to ensure my pc didn't fry. I backed everything up on my PC on an external hard drive to make sure if it did fry I wouldn't lose anything.

Then I figured the problem might be the fans cause I don't ever clean the insides and it's probably very dusty (doesn't get great air flow out of the pc case). I took off the CPU fan and cleaned it really well.

When I put it back together however, the monitor said no signal. One thing I have noticed, is that it seems as though the CPU is glued to the fan, which makes re-attaching the CPU to the white socket on the motherboard very tricky. I can only guess when I think it's in and tighten everything up around it.
Problem is still the monitor, on the proviso that I've put the CPU back into the socket correctly, the monitor won't get a signal. Also, the PC restarts itself every 20-30 seconds too. Power cord seems to work cause the pc turns on etc.

Any suggestions for a fix at home?
please help!

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May 21, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Thanks for that.

I tried the RAM approach, taking it all out, cleaning it, putting 1 in another slot, everything you can think of with the RAM I've tried and no luck.

With the CPU though I do have a question, how do you take it off? I unhooked the fan, and it looks like the CPU came off with the fan however, I've tried separating the two, but they're stuck to each other pretty good. There's no way I can take the two of them apart. Is there a trick that i'm missing in separating them? Getting the thermal compound and adding more I can do, but not if they're not already separated.

Suppose the other point too is, if the power unit itself is fried, does the pc still start? I've had problems with the monitors in the past pc's and it was the power unit that had broken. I just don't want to replace it if it isn't that.
The PC doesn't stay on you see, after 20 seconds it turns off, then automatically starts again by itself and does the whole thing all over again.
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May 22, 2013 at 05:42 AM
Try this 1
Sometimes it does happen, when you try to remove the Cooling FAN you will see the CPU coming along with it. There will be a locking system near the Socket where it locks the CPU to hold it firmly. So are you sure you have placed the CPU correctly along with the heat sink ? Because in order to place the CPU in the socket, you need to unlock it first and the place the CPU in the socked, lock it to hold it firmly. Then we will be placing the heat sink.
Click on the below image to see how it looks like
Its the old thermal compound which exists between your CPU and the head sink. Need to be careful when removing the CPU from the heat sink. Try to slide the CPU to the heat sink ends.
You need to be extreme careful when doing this. Make sure that you don't bend the pins.
Even when you notice the SMPS FAN rotating, there might be problem with its output voltage.
We need to check the SMPS output voltage to make sure that its working properly.
Remove all the internal components like Hard drive, DVD-Drive and check if you are able to get the display.
Good Luck