How to resolve bllue screen error please help [Solved/Closed]

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i have just purchase intel dual core processor PC with 2 gb ram but it is showing me blue screen error

A problem has ben detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer

if this is the first time you have seen this stoperroro screen restart your computer . if this screen appears again follow these steps

check to be sure you have adequate disk space. if a driver is identified in the stop message disable the driver or check with the manufactuer for driver update try changing video adapter

check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS update . disable BIOS memory option such as caching or shadowing if you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components. restart your computer,press F8 to select advanced startup options and then select safe mode

Techniqal Information
xxx stop: 0X 0000007E ( 0X C00000ID , 0X A8EEA638 , 0XF78D2B64 , 0X F78D3860
tcpip.sys - address A8EEa638 base at A8EE5000 date stamp 485b8036

begining dump of physical memory
dumping physical memory to disk
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Thank you
I have already have posted the solution of this problem in my earlier posting

but here it one more time

-Right-Click on My Computer and select Search...
-click All files and folders
-search for *.bmp (all or part of file name)
-Find the one that matches your background
-Note the name of the .bmp file - mine was called phccekj0e3cn.bmp (copy and paste into notepad or something as you weill need this later, or write it down as your computer can reboot)
-Search your drives for the last 3 characters noted in previous step. in my case I searched on *3cn
-This search resulted in 4 files for me.
-Go to your task manager, look under the processes tab, and find the process that matches the name of one of the files you are trying to delete (the .exe file)
-end the process - mine was called lphccekj0e3cn.exe
-delete all files found in your search

REMOVE REGISTRY ENTRIES: (not as important since the files are no longer there but still good idea)
-Start -> Run
-Edit -> Find
-I searched on *3cn (the last 3 characters) but this returned some valid registry entries. I suggest you either carefully delete all entries that look they are related. I found 5 or 6 valid entries, but they were obvious to me to not be related.
-typically they will have the full name like "lphccekj0e3cn" In fact you could probably search on whatever the .exe name was (minus the .exe extension) and you can surely delete all those entries.

-this is what I missed in the previous post. The first time this thing runs it changes entries in your registry to hide the 'Desktop' and/or 'Screen Saver' tabs
-In the registry navigate to:
-delete entries 'NoDispBackgroundPage' and/or 'NoDispScrSavPage'

Check out your display properties again, they should be back to normal.

Empty your recycle bin to get rid of it for good

Rebooting at this point is probably a good idea.

p.s. if u have prob finding the bmp files try to find it as file named as "pch or else try 3cn"

awaiting comments

Melisio Mascarenhas

Thank you, mikethedike 6

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divyangjain 4 Posts Monday March 2, 2009Registration date March 24, 2009 Last seen - Mar 4, 2009 at 08:57 AM
Thank you
thanx for help
can u please tell me is their any problem with RAM
and what is BIOS Update
mikethedike 166 Posts Saturday August 16, 2008Registration date September 22, 2012 Last seen - Mar 4, 2009 at 10:55 PM
ur registry files are either corrupted o missing, the RAM shouldnt be the problem, it probably is ur primary disk in other words ur HARD DRIVE

bios update

A computer's Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) is embedded software on a motherboard that will control attached hardware. It provides an operating system with information about hardware, and is designed to support a specific range of components. The BIOS itself is typically an EEPROM, or Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, that is programmed with "firmware" and has the ability to save small amounts of information specific to user configurations.

All BIOS components are serviceable via a firmware upgrade that is known as "flashing" this process is called "updating the BIOS". The process itself is fragile since any power fluctuation during a flash may irrevocably corrupt a BIOS' firmware. Great care will need to be taken in order to safely accomplish this.

if u are this in mind, I strongly reommend u to bring in a profeesional

awaiting comments if any

Melisio Mascarenhas
Waqaar > mikethedike 166 Posts Saturday August 16, 2008Registration date September 22, 2012 Last seen - Sep 6, 2009 at 08:44 AM

I have a new Dual Core computer with 2 Gb ram. I have installed xp on it succesfully but my problem is
when ever I am trying to install windows server 2003. I am getting this error. now how to overcome with it?
I have even replace ram also but the problem does not solve. it is giving me the same error.

what will you suggest me to come up with this error.

Waiting for the earliest reply.
Thank you
I am having the same problem with my computer but when I attempt to delete file "CTFMON" the computer tells me I need permission to delete it and asks me to "try again". However, no matter how I try I can not delete this file. I don't understand how I don't have the permission to delete this when it's my laptop and no one else uses it. Please help me!
mikethedike 166 Posts Saturday August 16, 2008Registration date September 22, 2012 Last seen - Mar 3, 2009 at 06:36 AM
Thank you
1) start ur comp in safe mode
2) click start > search>type "CTFMON" OR "CTFMONB" DELETE FILES
3) search for "BLACKSTER" and delete it too
4) now here the solution for the prob click start>run>type "MSCONFIG"
5) select the "STARTUP" tab and then deselct all
6) reboot in normal mode

any comments or queries pls reply back

Melisio Mascarenhas
Thank you
replace hard disk drive