Have internet connection but browsers are unresponsive

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I am running Windows 7 and the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) are not working even though my internet is connected. I am currently on my virtual machine and the internet is working wonderfully. I saw other posts in this forum that are similar but none of the solutions worked for me. The error that Chrome gives me is Error Code: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Firefox just says can't connect to server. I have tried resetting the DNS client as well as many other things. Thank you in advance for any help. I am new to the forum so sorry if I format poorly or make a noob mistake :P

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Hang in there.

What did you change last? When did it last work?

Did you recently chagne ISP or routers?

When did it stop working, if it ever has worked? Check your network location, home public or work!