Toshiba Satellite laptop won't boot up. [Closed]

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Thursday May 22, 2014
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May 22, 2014
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It's a Toshiba Satellite L500-19X

Laptop was working absolutely fine, then I left the room. Upon returning, I found it with a black screen and it sounded as if it was powering down. Since then it won't boot back up. Battery and power connection seem fine, it just won't boot up. I press the power button, then after three or four seconds, it gives up.

Any help, I really need to use my laptop?

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Hang in there....this restore has helped me more than once. Have you attempted to remove ALL power and reset? Unplug EVERYTHING. The ethernet cable, the power cord. UNplug the power cord from the wall, and the laptop. Flip the laptop over and take the battery out. Flip it back over and hold the power button for 45 seconds, count it out!

Ok, put the battery back in, plug the power cord into the laoptop, then into the wall. Now try it again.

Good luck!

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