Booting problem with my dell 3520

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i was running a couple of programmes when suddenly my computer got i decided to turn it off the manual way...after trying to reboot it my laptop says"no internal hard drive found"no bootable device try reseating hard drive...f1 to reboot!
i try reseating the harddrive but it still did to work out...and my hard is not dected in the Bios...i really need my files and data.But i have not partition the hard drive too pls help me out asap!

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Jun 2, 2014 at 04:51 PM
You are not going to like this. It is dead. If the BIOS does not have it listed, then it is dead. If you did nothing physically but shut it, off, then it is is dead.

Your license is still good, get a new hard drive, provision it, and load a new build on it.