Paul -
pls can someone help with my doesn't read my cd/dvd and telling me error 39.thank u in advance

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I had the same problem, I went into device manager and vista had an exclamation point on my cd rom drive. I am a Cis/Networker and I like challenges but this was upsetting me. I finally swallowed my pride and called Toshiba they ended up sending me to this site.

Goto this with a ton of discretion - my pc is a Toshiba Satellite A205-s5000

This fixed my cd-rom - everything works now
The dvd/cd rom I have is Matshita Dvd-ram UJ-850S ATA Device - if you do not have this cd-rom or a Toshiba A205-S5000 I strongly discourage you from going to this and calling your provider.

Enter that site at your own risk - it is a registry fix
Thank you

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment

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thanx to j train
no need to hckey editing or deleting
just cdgone is enough
Te escribo en español para agradecerte tu contribución, lo instalé en una máquina Vaio sin ningún problema

I wrote in spanish to said tnx for your contribution, I installed in a Vaio machine.

Gracias, Amigo
Thank you, J-Train! Since I purchased this laptop (same model as yours), I had not been able to play CDs and movies. Now I can! Much appreciated.


(4 AT ALL according to NoRTON)

Bad thig is to damage the other people machines, You b.a.s.t.a.r.d D.e.l.i.n.q.u.e.n.t-
After spending over 8 hours last weekend doing all the fixes imaginable (deleting registries, etc.), I went on a search to buy a new drive. I have a Vaio VGN-fe880. This was an incredible chore. Sony wanted $470 for a replacement, piss me off. I finally found one at a place called Pell electronics for about $200. And supposedly it's fitted for my Vaio model. You have to be careful about the bezel and bit end to fit the side of your laptop. It came in the mail but I'm on the road so can't test it yet.

Needless to say I'm fairly hacked off about this. The computer is only a year and a half old.

am writing to know what I can do for my friend because his mats dvd also has got a problem like you got. am just stuck on how I can help. Am from Uganda.

advise me.

The computer was sent to him from UK and it is only some few months old.

Take care and stay blessed.


Sorry it took me so long. I've actually known about this fix it web site for about 3 years but it fixes other hardware issues too.

I found the resolution to the Matshita DVD-Ram UJ-850s ATA Device Drivers.
This is different than altering your registry, and it works via Microsoft Vista Home Premium
Please follow directions carefully or either the Read or the Write won't work.

Click (or copy and paste) the link above to begin the process. Click on the first option Your CD/DVD drive cannot read or write media in Windows Vista. Click on the big "RUN NOW" button to the right, then select "Continue" when your computer asks your permission. Then Select Detect problems and apply the fixes for me (Recommended). It gives you two options "Read a CD/DVD and Write a CD/DVD" you will need to run both options separately once for each issue you're having with your hardware. You will see your device listed, click on your device. It will ask you for a disc. For the Read part of it, you need to insert a DVD Disc with something on it such as a program, of any kind. Insert the disc and click on your device. NOTE: If you forget to insert a full DVD Disc your DVD Device door will pop out, then you will be forced to insert a DVD disc with a program on it. The program will continue and configure your DVD device.
After it completes return back to the first page where it says "RUN NOW". Click on "RUN NOW' again and follow the same steps. When you see the screen with the two options "Read a CD/DVD and Write a CD/DVD" and "Write a CD/DVD", this time select "Write a CD/DVD" option. NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU INSERT A BLANK DVD IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS. The program is configuring the write portion and it needs to be able to write on the blank DVD in order to complete the process. Then follow the rest of the steps and complete the process.
Congratulations, you can now use 100% of you DVD device and there is no risk with altering the registry.
Sincerely Email Id removed for security
Why is the highest rated comment in this thread some guy bitching? Where are the solutions? I don't see any except for the one that Skeeter carpet bombed all over the place, but that one doesn't work.
WOW, worked Great for Me ! Thanks~
I have an ACER 3680, this cured the same problem. it say 1% installation isn't completed and reinstalled the program then I installed from my backup Now it begin say drive isn't identified. please tell me how to rectified this problem
> Liverbird
this is awesome. u r greta8. muuuuuaaaaaahhhhh.... it works grea8. the registry fix link. thanks ton
> toshiba-satellite pro m200- vista- same dvd.
Thanks j-train. That reg hack fixed it right quick!
> Liverbird
Thank you so much for the write up!! After 6 months of not being able to use my DVD drive (I have a Sony Vaio AR320E), I stumbled across this site & after following your instructions I am able to use my DVD drive again!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
I was about to give up fixing my DVD drive...
Bang! Two minutes and the problem was solved...Thank you for this tip. Thank you very very much!!!!
Thank you very very much!!!! I did spent 5 hours loking for solution get back my lost DVD rom, on my old Acer Aspire 5680. Thx Paul

Hey, I had a friend have have the same exact problem, but with a slightly different drive. I found this:

it worked!

Basically, the problem is that the registry is corrupted. You'll need to delete specific parts as outlined in that article.

Just make sure to first back up your registry either using the built in System Restore or through another means (I used the freeware CCleaner to back up my registry).

If anyone was having any trouble trying to launch the Registry Editor, press these keys (windows+r) and a box will pop up in the lower left corner. Type in "regedit" without the quotes and boom, Registry Editor is opened!

The rest of the directions are in the article.
Am I the only one this fix still isn't working for?

I've got the same matshita-dvd-ram-uj-850s drive as JTrain/everybody else, running VISTA, but with an Acer Aspire 5100. Seems like a few others with acers were able to get it to work.

My problems started out as the drive not showing up under "Computer", then randomly it would show up if I restarted with a CD in the drive, and sometimes at random I can view a data file, but not open anything. It's been a while since I could open or view anything on the drive. Since this problem started I haven't been able to run any executable files off of CD's at all.

I tried JTrain's fix--uninstalled the drive, then ran the cdgone registry fix, restarted and the drive reinstalled, but it still doesn't open. Tried just disable, then cdgone, then enable, still doesn't work.

I tried the manual fix of deleting upper and lower filters in the registry, but they weren't there!

I was exasperated before, now that my problems didn't end in 2 minutes like everybody else, I don't know what else to do!

Please help,
Thanks in advance.

Im not even sure what kind of a dvd driver I have but I had the same problem - my computer wouldn't recognize a CD in the drive and I could no longer burn my pictures onto a CD. I have a Dell Inspiron computer and followed the link posted above and it's working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soo sooo soooo much for posting your advice on here.
I am having the same problem as well. I have a Toshiba Satellite with a Matshita DVD-Ram UJ-8505S. I've tried all of the above to some how have my laptop recognize the DVD player but it will not. I tried the reinstalling, and the manually editing the registry. But for some reason my laptop with Vista still doesn't want to see the DVD drive. How is everyone else able to fix theirs in seconds and I've been on this damn thing for a month now looking for a fix. Someone please help!
And if I'm running XP?
I had a similar problem when I upgraded my Toshiba Satellite A300 from Vista to Win 7.
Now fixed - read on!
I uninstalled the device and then reinstalled and win 7 says was is successfully installed. Then I rebooted, just in case that made a difference.
But it still doesn't work.
Today I searched further on the web. Several blogs had people reporting a similar problem and the answers suggested it is a registry problem, although the way to fix it looked a bit too techo for me to tackle!

I searched the Toshiba sites (which are a minefield) and eventually found a page that has a list of items to reload after upgrading to win 7 - specifically for the A300 32 bit.
I noticed there was a registry patch for printers and devices. Aha.
Downloaded it and ran the .exe.
Rebooted. Presto - it works!

The link is
Enter exact details of your computer in the boxes on the right hand side.
To the left of the boxes just entered there is written in red "for windows 7 drivers click here"
On the left hand side again you need to select your computer model - Satellite A300.
Then you finally get the list. Download and run the patch for printers and devices.
The rather funny thing is that they are not all drivers - however, lets not be too picky - at least it fixed my problem :-)
ive had this problem since I bought my vaio and their tech support wasnt any help...seems the problem only exists when I install itunes and even their site was no help...........try and download and install the vaio hasnt had a problem since I downloaded this patch
thank you so much this fixed my problem in nothing flat
I've a Sony Vaio VGN FE880E using a Matshita UJ-850S DVD burner drive. I used to be able to burn CDs and DVDs.

Not any more.

I can still read most CDs and DVDs. Except a few types, where it says that the DVD is empty/blank/new and offers to burn something on it. But it refuses to burn anything... CDs, DVDs, of any brand or type.

I don't know exactly what caused it or when it happened (I rarely burn CDs and DVDs), but the approximate time is after my machine automatically upgraded to SP1 of Vista Home Premium.

Apparently, I have the latest driver software (see screenshot below):

I contacted Sony support and they gave me their stock response - restore to factory settings. I don't want to do that since it will destroy my carefully customized system (and it's no guarantee that the problem wasn't caused by Vista Home Premium SP1) and I'll have to reinstall years of stuff.

I've tried all the usual suggestions including:
* Delete upper and lower filters
* Delete the device from the device list and reinstall it
* Deleted all software that could've interfered with the driver
* The only DVD/CD burner on my system is now iTunes (hence the GEAR driver)

Has anyone else faced this problem? And found a solution?

Does anyone have a working version of this drive (one that also burns DVDs)? If so, could you please post/send your driver settings? What are the driver files that work including version numbers and locations?

Thanks in advance.

i have the same probem, happened after I installed I tunes. cant read any cd. uninstalled itunes and installed again, worked for a while turn off computer and when turn it back on didn't work. comes up with code 10.
don't know much about computers, but am trying to find the right answer.
i have a matishita dvd/cd rom uj 850s ata device. windows says driver software is up to date.
driver cannot start.
help please
Uninstall Itunes and then do a system restore to the day/time before you downloaded the program. Worked for me..
My Matshita-DVD-RAM-UJ-850S cannot be recognized completely. Can you help us?
Thank you so much! That registry fix worked perfect. just had to uninstall the DVD then scan for hardware changes in the device driver. Perfect!
You are truly a man among men (or woman among women!) Skeeter, thank you.
really thank you very very much it works nowwwwwwwwww
this fix really works, and not just for the toshiba drives. I just used the fix to get a sony optiarc and a noname brand dvd drive functional. it is a reg fix, so it should woirk with any drive.

Awesome, I'm really glad I could help. Pass it on so maybe it can help many other people.
Sincerely Skeeter

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate on a VGN-AR350E SONY VAIO laptop. Since this post was provided with a use at your own risk disclaimer for laptops other than Toshiba, I backed up the entries that my system had before executing the reg fix.

My system only had the following 2 of the total entries in the fix so I backed them up first to be safe:


I removed the device in device manager, executed your fix and re-scanned for the device. All is well now.
So I can affirm that this fix is also applicable for the SONY VGN-AR350E laptops that have the matshita dvd-ram uj-850s dvd-rom installed also.

I'd tried everything including downloading and installing the shared components from the sony site and any downloads that were applicable to my model without any success. I thought I was going to have to dish out some bucks to fix this but your post is a Godsend.

THX and be blessed.
can you help me fix the mashita dvd ram problems???? please respond to my email ? im goin crazy looking for ypor soloution but I cant find it???????
I run a VAIO VGN-CR11GH/R with the MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-850S and had the Error 39 as well.

Just ran the reg fix from the link, and reboot, and that was it, worked perfectly! =)

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I wonder. Why do I have to always use the .reg file? The problem keeps on repeating. My OS is vista. Please help. Thanks.
Thanks so much to whoever posted that link, it worked like a charm on my VAIO VGN-N365E, all I had to do was disable and reenable it, and now it actually works! Thanks so much!

You're very welcome. I wish I would've let you know much earlier. Please pass the word so it can help other people too. Skeeter

I had ran some utility programs such as duplicate finder and others like cc cleaner and these programs worked great, however, I had managed someway to delete my drivers that control my Mashita DVD drive. I wanted to say thank you to J Train because when I found your post I typed in the url and immediately the installer came up. Of course I was hesitant but decided to trust it since I am computer savy and this did work on my Tosiba Qosmio gv-35-600. Thanks to the highest...
Hi, I saw your post and wanted your help, if that was alright. my burner suddenly stopped recognising the blanks and after speaking to an hp rep I was instructed to uninstall the driver and reinstall it, but i'm unable to do so, do you know where I can find the link for the Matshita dvd-ram uj-861h?