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I have a creative webcam VF-0040 and am useing vista I can not find anything on the net that I can download to use this cam. if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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just go to this llink and then once your there, you will see a spot that says enter the cam model number. out in your cam model number and then you should be able to down load. I was having the same problem and it work fine for me!!!
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I went to that link and typed model number vf0040 but I can not find any driver download for Vista - Any one got the dirver for VF -0040 on vista ? Please post it if so,

This works perfect for me.

Download the setup file from the below location and save it in the desktop

Then Right click the setup file and select properties, Then select run as windows XP.

Now Run the setup file. Your vf-0040 webcam is ready to run in visita.

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Hello everybody,

To get the driver for ur VF-0xxx Creative Webcam use this link just changing xxxx to ur webcam number.
Hello jmp59 thanks for your help. Finally I installed my cam and using.
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I can't figure this out I really want to use my creative instant webcam but I can't find the stupid software >.> I lost the software CD that it comes with so I've been trying to find the software on the internet and looking at this forum and its not working!
please help me D'=
Hey. I have same problems. I lost my CD drive and I don't know how I can stall my VF-0040 webcam. could you please send me the Link. Cause I tried so many times clicking #3. but It doesn't open. thank you so much. I'll appreciate your help. ^_^
Just get ur webcam cable if u dont have that then it it messed up and plug it in then go onto control panel and go to webcam and connect it mate ;)
I have the same Creative VF-0040 webcam and I can't find the right driver for it. I have Windows 7 64-bit.
When it's plugged in I can find it in "my computer" but Creative webcam center and Skype can't find it. I would be very happy if someone could help me!

I have win7, 64-bit version too. I've found the driver -
how can I install Creative WebCam Vista with out the cd?
10x man ... works perfectly
----Creative WebCam Live! x64 driver
I just upgrade my windows to Windows XPx64 and, with this driver my camera rly works (tried on msn and skype)
Just copy paste all name in google and it gives you links to creative site for the old cameras that are dyuing and there you can find the driver.
i have a VFO15O and I cant find it too
just buy the latest webcam that will be compatible for your operating system... thats the most advisable for the sake of your computer.....