Unable to access files in USB hard disk drive

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I am unable to access files in my USB HDD after a few minutes of operating it. If I try playing a movie, it will run smoothly for around 5 min max and then gets stuck. If I close that and try to access files anywhere in the drive, nothing will be there. Sometimes I can view the folders but not files within it. An error message "Delayed Write Failed" appears near the system tray (where the date is displayed).
I have used this device on several computers. I think it got infected by some virus or so.
Can anyone suggest a remedy for this.

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I do a lot of personal work on my computer at work, searching the internet and downloading stuff.
I've had problems with USB flashdrives from time to time not showing up as a storage drive in My Computer, while if you go to:
Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager / USB Controllers
the device is listed as present and working.

When that's the situation, it sometimes works to disable the device, unplug the USB drive from the computer, and then plug it back in. (You might have to go back to USB Controllers and re-enable the device.)

Anyway, I just had a problem with a hard drive plugged into a Vantec Hard Drive Docking station that was plugged into a USB port. Again, the hard drive was present in Device Manager under Disk Drives, and USB mass storage controller.

I was able to enable this hard drive by re-assigning a new Drive Letter to the drive:

Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Storage / Disk Management

If the drive appears in the list select, click to highlight the appropriate drive.
From the Menu Bar select: Action

A drop down list opens and select: All Tasks
Change Drive Letter and Paths

In the box, select a new letter to assign to the drive, and then click OK, and exit.
Thank you

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Hi I did all what you said but my seagate external drive is not showing up in computer management. what now???
Hi Robert, does disabling delete the files? Please advice.
Worked for me.Before I O k it. There appear a message : May not work on some programs
Do I need to buy recovery software to fix my registry problems during boot up??
My problem was very similar to the original poster and your solution worked perfectly. Thanks so much!
thanks! it worked sir rob!
you need to right click on my computer and go to drive management and manually assign a drive letter to the drive
I also have the same problem, however the drive does not show up in my computer or windows explorer. It does show up in device manager as a usb mass storage device.

nothig shows up tho wat should ii do {OMG}
thanks man, it worked !
hi robert...

i do the step that you guide.. but...
the device(my external) is not listed after C: drive
it is only C: drive..

and below the frame...
it shows that got another partition it shows which know as :Disk 1, Unknown, my external size and Not initialized:
even the window already did for me.. but he result is nothing...

i did try the action step... but All Task only show the disable New Partition and properties...

Help me..
I had the same problem as a usb disk stick etc would not show up in MY COMPUTER but would be in disk manger assigned with a drive letter and all. If I rebooted with it pluged in it would show up okay. After much troubleshooting and checking drivers etc I CORRECTED THE PROBLE. I went into services and found the term WINDOWS MANAGEMENT was disabled. I put it in auto and turned it on and finaly got rid of the problem.
thanks it work :D
kewl :D