My hidden files are not unhidden [Solved/Closed]

 Matjeka Chaole -
am gaurav .am facing problem since last few days,the problem is that i have some hidden files in one of my drive,but those hidden files are now not unhidden.i tried to unhidden those files by clicking the tools tab and then folder options and then clicking the show hidden files.i know this problem occurs due to viruses,but i dont want to format my hard disk.please give my question,s solution as soon as posible.

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You should go in your command prompt


Type your pen drive location example : F:

then type: attrib

It will show you all hidden files on your pen drive.

To show them simplye type : attrib -s -h -r

Open your pen drive on my computer and you will see the hidden file
Thank you

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Thx this is working also on C: and D:, but i have a problem i have one file hidden in Program files and attrib does not work.
Can u help me please.

Really thanks ixtremed1. it worked and i got my files back.......u rock.....take care

You can use the following commands in MS-DOS "attrib -h -s -r ?:\* /s /d" where "?" is your drive (e.g e, f, g, etc). This will unhide all your files and folders in your drive, including the sub-files and sub-folders. Good luck with that. Peace !!