Restore compaq presario 5000 series

gavek - Mar 21, 2009 at 02:39 PM
 elena - Mar 20, 2011 at 02:56 PM
how do I restore my compaq to original state with out the cds it came with? it is a used computer so I don't mind losing everything on it. thank you very much!

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Mar 21, 2009 at 08:15 PM
Turn on the computer.

When the initial blue HP screen appears, press the F10 key repeatedly until a recovery menu appears. The progress indicator that first appears does not indicate that a recovery is taking place. The progress indicator represents the time before the recovery process is started.

When the Recovery screen appears, click Next, and then click Yes to perform a normal, non-destructive recovery.

To perform a destructive recovery, click Advanced, and then click Yes.

CAUTION: A destructive recovery will format the hard drive. This will delete all the information on the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP and the original software that came with the computer.

After the System Recovery is complete, the computer restarts and continues into Windows setup. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup.

NOTE: It may take a long time to complete Windows setup. This time varies and may take over an hour, depending on the amount of files that were stored in the user account folders (Like My Documents and the Desktop).

When you can access the Windows desktop, immediately enable the Firewall, download important updates, and set a restore point.

Good Luck
thank you for such a quick response, however I don't know if this makes a difference but I have a compaq screen that first appears and when I do the f10 I get a screen that says"compaq computer corporation setup utility screen" I looked around in there but did'nt see anything that would allow me to do any of your suggestions???
Again thank you so much for your help and any further help!
annoyed > gavek
Oct 2, 2009 at 01:10 PM
don't press f10. That takes you to a completely different screen. when you start your computer hold down f11. That will take you to a screen where you have the option of doing a system restore. Click the "advanced" button below and perform the "destructive recovery".
gavek > annoyed
Oct 2, 2009 at 04:43 PM
that didn't work either, it just brought me to a error screen telling me to check my keyboard connection, any more suggestions????????? Thank you very much!
Ricky > gavek
Oct 13, 2009 at 04:20 PM
I am under the impression that you have a different HDD in the machine as well. I am going through the same thing with a compaq 5000. My game plan is to install Dos 6.22 and upgrade from there. contact me at xxxxxxxsx. if you need assistance or software. I can possibly send you what you need. The thing about these Compaq PCs of the late 90s is that they are proprietary. Compaq diddnt design it to be used for any other setup other than what they released it for. I am working my way around it as well. The big headache is, you cannot boot from the CD ROM anyway without the original HDD information in the machine. That leaves to have to resort to primitive forms of making it work. Get back to me about this and let me know how you are doing with it.

osman > Ricky
Oct 14, 2009 at 05:57 AM
Please tell how can I recovery my computer , I press F11 for recover but nothing.
many thanks
Ok I just succesfully recovered a Compaq 5000 series today. There was a problem with the CDROM not reading at all when both were hooked up the way they were supposed to be. There is another way!. Here is what to do. Take the CDROM drive out. switch the jumper to Cable Select. plug the CDROM into the same strip as the HDD in the slave IDE connection. Make sure the HDD is set to Master, Not single. Some HDDs have Master and Master w/ slave and slave. set it to master with slave. If it says Single/ Master/ Slave, set it to Master. plug it all back in, leaving the secondary IDE slot on the motherboard bare. restart the machine, put in what ever Operating disk CDROM you want to install, the Bios will give a quick message that there is an IDE update confirmation and it will restart itself, and the startup process will start from there. Dont expect to recover any Data on the HDD It will be wiped clean. Fresh Install. If you are trying to recover an existing Operating system, you will probably need a setup disk of the OS. If you are running XP insert the XP disk. Select it to repair XP. As far as ME on one of these machines or 98, you will probably have to use the recovery disks to do such a task. Reply to this if there is anything not too clear. My email will alert me as soon as there is a reply.
I've dove this and it worked, but every time the computer boots up it says Master Slave 1 failed and Secondary Slave 1 failed and press F1 to cotinue and everthing works fine. Just wondering if there is a solution to get the message to quit appearing every startup.
my compaq wont even start up now.
I now get a screen saying System Configuration Error code do I get past this screen???
Code Purple refers to a motherboard not being recognized as the correct one for that machine. The pc needs to be what's known as "tattooed". Check with your local pc repair shops for that sort of thing. I know for a fact that Best Buy can do it, but not at store level, they would have to ship it to their service center.
1) Assuming you want to return the system to Factory State using the recovery partition - loosing ALL DATA & APPLICATIONS etc

Start -> Programs -> Recovery Manager -> System Recovery (or similar) -> Advanced options -> Systems Recovery - Will reboot - then again - Advanced options -> Systems Recovery. - if u want more assistance - Good luck
I have a Presario 5000 series, and I think I have found this. Control panel - System - Advanced tab - Start up and recovery settings - Write debugging information, drop down list - Complete memory dump. Is this the same as a full system restore where it deletes all information and re-installs the operating system and programs that came with the computer?