Windows not booting past windows logo during format

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i need you help... i recently installed mac theme in my laptop,,, since it made my lap slow.. i though i would uninstall it... i uninstalled it.. and it asked for restart.. the computer is not booting after it,, and then computer told, there is a problem wih drives,, so i should reset,, it asked if i have to reset all my drives,, i gave the option,, then i thought i would format my computer,, i use pendrive to format, since my dvd drive is n working... my computer was working in windows 8.. so i used windows 8 to format... it started booting initially... then it got stuck in the black screen after windows logo.. so i thought i would use windows 7,, same thing occured.. windows starts loading files,, wndows logo comes,, and then came black screen with pointer,,, i waited for almost half an hour.. no change... here are the photos of my screen,,,, then i thought, it must be the problem with my pendrive,, i used another pendrive,, whicj also gave the same result.... so i thought i would use network booting,, i have another computer .. used it to download SERVA,,, after many tries,, it is not working properly,, i think i m not sure about configuring it,, but my lap was responding to network boot.. please tell me what could be my problem.. the lap was working fine, until i unstalled mac theme,, here are the pics

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ok, so know that you have mangled the drive, clean it with diskpart, and reload the OS.

Please never try to upgrade or downgrade an OS in order to fix problems.
Thanx for the reply.. i will try it when i get home.. i am on a business trip...

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