Hard Drive unrecognized

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Hi everyone,
My laptop became exceptionally slow two days ago.
My specs are:128Gb SSD,750Gb HDD, i7 3630HQ @2.40 GHz ~3.20GHz, 12 Gb of RAM (1333 MHz) and a gtx 670MX. For these specs and with the OS (win 8.1) on the SSD I'm used to booting in less than 15 seconds max, then I started getting CRC cyclic redundancy errors, my downloads would become corrupted, movies stop working at certain places, booting took minutes...
I tried to backup my HDD but whether I copy to my other USB 3.0 external hard drive or to the SSD, the speed would go from 80Mbps to kilos to stagnate at some point. I said my goodbyes to the files and decided to fix the HDD.
chkdsk doesn't show anything wrong with any of my disks so I download this HDD regenerator that supposedly repairs bad sectors, I scan the SSD and only one sector was bad, then I started scanning the HDD and jsut during the first few gigs it showed hundreds of bad sectors, I choose the scan and repair function, didn't pay attention to it until it prompted me to restart. I did and the next thing I know, only my SSD is now reconized, I checked the device manager, it shows up as an unknown device
while it isn't recognized in my disk manager.

I restarted the computer, installed the latest drivers, reconnected the HDD. getting desperate, help would be greatly apprecaited

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Apr 29, 2015 at 08:28 AM
Hey there, Noobility.
It sounds like the hard drive is in a pretty bad shape. If you've already decided that you can part with your data, I'd recommend that you try downloading the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic tool (or a 3rd party diagnostic tool if the manufacturer doesn't offer one) and test the drive to see exactly how bad is the situation. You could also try the drive with another computer or at least a different SATA port and a different SATA cable on yours, to see if it's recognized. Although, if it's too badly damaged, it's not a good idea to continued using it (having in mind you don't want your data back).

As for the chkdsk command and the SSD - the SSDs don't have sectors as the HDDs and do not need chkdsk to be run on them as most modern SSDs have leveling technology, which automatically remaps worn out bits.

Hope that helps.

WD Representative