Toshiba Satellite C660 Crash and not Turning on

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Thursday April 30, 2015
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April 30, 2015
 madhur -
A few days back my laptop started to crash due to overheating within an hour of usage.
Later it started crashing after few minutes.
Now the situation is such that i can't turn it on.
When i press the power button light indicator shows up, cd rom starts but not the display and then it automatically turns off.
Need urgent help and don't wanna loose my data.
Also a month back i changed my windows from 7 to windows 8 which was working fine.

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So, is the hardware certified for 8+?
It sounds like you need to take it to a shop and get help. Let them put another stick of RAM in the machine, to cover what 8 needs!

Have a go at that!
i think it supports windows 8......i followed the steps from your site to the screen and it worked
but i can't figure out the overheating solution.....also i have a hard disk space of 297.7gb and only 10% of it is free