Advanced setting is GONE for Restoring to Manufacturers Settings

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A few months ago my computer , A Gateway SX2803-25e shut down on me as I was trying to restore it. The restore was almost complete when suddenly the computer just shut down. Since the restore wasn't finished, I couldn't get back into it no matter how many times I tried. I then took it into Best Buy where I bought it from a couple years previously but after I got it back, I tried unsuccessfully many times after having my computer fixed to find the advanced settings to restore my computer to Manufacturer's Settings just in case in the future I should need it but like I said, it was completely gone from the restore area of my advanced settings. I don't know if it was deleted by my computer when it unexpectedly shut down while trying to restore the system or if Best Buy removed it. But all I know is I cannot find it any longer. I go to my control panel, click on Backup and Restore; I go to Recovery Systems Setting on your computer which takes me to the advanced Recovery methods below the Open System Restore window. In the past I have used this several times and usually I find: Restore your Computer to Manufactures Settings. But not any longer does it show. Help anyone?

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Jun 10, 2015 at 08:52 AM

chances are Best Buy reinstalled your computer with retail media rather than the the manufacturer's image. This install does not include any third party products.

Because of this, you will not have recovery options from the manufacturer.

you would have to get recovery CDs from the manufacturer if you wanted to put it back on.