Brightness Control not Working on Windows 10

 sai -

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5547-3214

I upgraded to Windows 10 and the brightness controls were working fine. A day later it stopped working. I already went to the Mobility Center and enabled the function keys. The volume, music controls, search and display config work fine. Brightness and WiFi toggle don't. Do you guys have any ideas what could be causing this problem? Thanks in advance!

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I had same problem tried reinstalling, using older version and many tricks.
But the following setting change worked for me.

1) Go to Device manager
2) Open Monitor option ( Below Mice and other pointing decive)
3) Opening Monitor option will reveal "Generic Pnp monitor"
4) Right click here and select "Enable"
5) Done

See it this works for you.
It did not work.
worked for me, thanks!
Worked on Dell Inspiron 15 5542, Thank you very much!
thank u so much. it worked!!!!
worked. Thanks
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These keys are controlled by Dell hardware drivers. It's possible you will need to update them. I suggest you contact Dell.
Ok! I will check if there are any Dell Updates available. Thanks!