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Hi everyone, today, I changed internet compagny. When I had the other compagny, I had a trouble where I had the no access connection problem. Well, it was hard to find the solution, but a dad of my friend (which is a specialist in computers) helped me and figured out that I needed a static IP to fix my problem. He got me a static IP and my internet worked and I could navigate. Well now that I'm with a new compagny,I figured out that I had the same problem, maybe because I needed to set up an other static IP. Since I forgot how to do it ( last time I did it with my friend's dad was about 4 months ago) I searched up on Youtube some tutorials, I tried it out but it didn't work at all. Most of the videos that I watched proposed to use the default gateway to put in the TCP/IPv4 gateway section but in my PC, there's no default gateway given in the command(cmd). I don't know if this might be the reason why I can't set up a static IP, but im having issues with it. I'm using a wireless connection and I have win7. I would've asked my friend's dad but they aren't living near me anymore. Hope someone can help me! Thanks!

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Sep 9, 2015 at 06:24 PM
OK, CALL YOUR NEW ISP and ask them. If they wish to have you as a customer, they will fix your problems. Your friends dad didn't do anything but use a stupid work around, that was eventually going to break anyhow!

Go into your control panel , and select Network Settings. Change the Network client to DHCP.
Pull an IP address. Your new router should take of it all. Let us know what kind of result you get, as unlike your friends dad, I know what I am doing (as do anyone here to help)!

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