Lenova G505s doesnt start

vivek - Oct 7, 2015 at 05:48 PM
 Vivek - Oct 9, 2015 at 08:02 PM
Hello, My laptop doesn't switch ON, I don't even see the power light come up after I plug charger....Please help me.

<config>Windows 8

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Oct 7, 2015 at 06:02 PM
OK, hang in there. There is a battery trick, have you tried IT? What you need to do , is unplug the AC cord from the wall, then disconnect the second part of the cord from the power adapter. keep those TWO things out of any device for a little while (like 60 seconds). Then while (or whilst) you are waiting for that, go ahead and flip the laptop over, and remove the battery and any Ethernet or USB devices. Now turn the laptop back over, and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds. Make certain that you have a battery-less machine and no other cords in it. Now put it all back together, and let us know the end result. Please take your time, and do not rush any of the steps.

Please let us know the result!

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Hi thank you for the help, however nothing happened....still it is dead....