I get a blank screen

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 Steve - Oct 11, 2015 at 01:09 PM
I get a blank screen. Facebook lets me change my password, so it knows I have an account. i've tried clearing browsing history, etc. No go. If I try HELP, I get the "Sorry" message. Does anyone know what's going on? My daughter can sign in to FB from my computer, so that's not it.

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Unfortunately this seems to be a spreading problem. The internet has dozens of posts about this across several websites, and at the moment, nobody at FB seems to be even trying to respond. I've heard in some instances this will go away after a few days, but that doesn't exactly sound like a solution.

I've posted more details about my own problem and some of the things i tried, along with a whole website dedicated to this particular issue (in my second post)


Hopefully if we can get enough people to send this stuff to FB they'll be able to trace down the issue and resolve it.

I'd also reccomend sending facebook a tweet: