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When I type into the URL searchbar, the website loads but the webpage displays a white screen.

It happens on Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer is open to test Messenger and install Firefox/Chrome.

Messenger displays on Explorer but not on Firefox/Chrome

A simple uninstall of Chrome got it to work, on Chrome only. I uninstalled and reinstalled both Firefox and Chrome. Firefox is now the only browser to be having the problem.

I've deleted cookies on Firefox multiple times. After deleting cookies, I refresh the page and it asks me to log in as normal. Since I'm already logged in on Facebook, I can just click one button.

After I click the button, nothing loads and I get a white page as first pictured.
Thanks for taking the time to read the problem.

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Jul 7, 2017 at 09:26 PM
Perhaps you need to enable the messenger add-on that is glowing in the top right hand corner, just beggin you to enable it.......