HP dv2700 "Blank Screen"

Negami - Apr 8, 2009 at 09:39 AM
 Am I Bob - Jul 2, 2013 at 10:19 AM
Hello everyone,

I had this HP dv2700 laptop since 2008. It's been working well ever since, though it heats up really fast and the fan in the back spins irregularly (without a constant speed). Yesterday, I turned my laptop on, and the screen remained completely blank. The power button and the keyboard light up, but nothing is on the screen.

Can please someone tell me what's going on, and how I can fix this problem? Are other HP dv2700 users having the same problem. This symptom seems to be common among other dv2xxx's and dv6xxx's, but whatever reason this model that I have isn't covered by HP Warranty Enhancement Program. :/

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I have the same problem Dv2700.. Initiially it suddenly stopped working an screen showed multicolor lines. after some time it gives complete black screeen..Any solutions>

I am facing the same problem with my DV2700. Did you get your problem fixed. Please let me know as I am not in a position to afford another laptop or any costly repairs offered by HP.
I have the same problem, overheating and blank screen; it seems like a very common problem. the hp case manager told me that this problem is not on the defect list and therefore they will not cover it after my warranty expired. (warranty expired 3 weeks ago)

I live in Australia/Sydney and not too sure how to report this defect, is there some similar website to the www.hplies.com that deals with Australian complaints and references?
hi I m experencing exactly the same problem. blank screen after booting LEDs glow but none of the key functions. if it's graphic card problem why the keyboard die?
I have the same problem , tx 2700 , when I boot it I have the fan and lights on, but blank screen after one and half year working
please also tell me what shall I do
rummy > Farzad
Nov 19, 2009 at 07:58 PM
Hey did you get this problem fixed? I am having the same issue right now my with laptop HP dv2745se
Hi Everyone,

I also have the same problem. They symptom started in the last 3 weeks. I bought a cooling pad with 2 fans and it seemed to disperse the heat but the laptop still continued to display the issues and gradually it became worse. Today no display both on the LCD and external monitor. I like to get this fix here in Melbourne/Australia but wont fork out the cost of another computer.

Very disappointed with HP not acknowledging this issue with this model. Yes, I will avoid HP Laptops in the future.

Im thinking of salvaging the hard drive to another laptop/desktop using Acronis True Image restore. Did anyone tried this or something similar? Any other brilliant ideas/suggestion ladies and gents that work for you?
I have the exact same problem on mine too, mine is 14 months old and i'm on the GC in QLD.
Just spoke to HP and they will do nothing for me even though I have had it checked and can verify that it is the EXACT same problem that the other models have that are being fixed by HP.
They are useless and I will not buy another laptop from them again after this.
It is such a widely known problem and they are pretending its not happening!!