Latitude E7450 Keyboard function key is not working

 Vinu -

I'm using the dell E7450 laptop,

From F1 to F12 function keys should be worked properly without FN key.
But these function seems to be changed with FN+F1~F12 keys role.

How could it go back to normal for F1 ~F12 keys?
I tried to install the hotkey drivers from the dell download sites, but it failed to work.

Is there any simple way to go back function keys role itself?

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On my Dell XPS 15, it seems to be as simple as me accidentally pressing the Fn Lock button behind the Escape key. If you have this problem, simply hit Fn+Esc and it should revert back to normal, without having to go into the BIOS

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Thank you

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It did it work finally. Thanks a million to XPCMAN. ^^
That's really helpful. Thank you !
thanks it is working
Really works,,, Thank you...

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