Dell Inspiron 15 3552 , Blank screen

vik - Apr 14, 2016 at 12:47 PM
 vik - Apr 21, 2016 at 06:54 AM
Hello, I bought a New Dell Inspiron 15 in March. I tried to set it up for my dad and it showed me the login screen, all this on day 1.

After that I had to travel so Laptop was lying Idle , none touched it.

After coming back when I rebooted the Laptop, it shows me again the Windows 10 Keyboard, country settings screen, followed by the Custom / express settings.

Post that the screen goes blank, My mouse cursor is visible but no video.

When I try F8 and connect to a new monitor with HDMI, I get the same thing blank screen and Mouse cursor.

Any Help highly appreciated. Its for his Bday gift


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Apr 21, 2016 at 05:23 AM
Hello vik,

Can you boot into Safe mode or not?
The first that comes up in my mind is to restore the system through a repair CD if you have one.
The second thing is to restart your computer, go after pressing the appropriate F key to navigate to the Windows menu. From there you should have access to restore your OS. Open the Command Prompt in safe mode and run the command:
sfc / scannow
Then press Enter and wait for your OS to be repaired. If you cannot access this menu while you reboot, enter the BIOS settings. There, navigate to the storage menu to verify that your hard drive is as a first boot priority. If not, set it!
My suggestion is to make an RMA to the merchant where you bought it because it´s still under warranty. The laptop´s behavior is not normal.

Once you have done this, please, come over here to tell me what happened. Good luck.
I am in India and I bought from US, FRYs. I tried contacting Dell US through CHAT but they said they cant provide support.
In any case I dont see any Safe Mode when I press F 12.
I tried installing Windows 10 using an external bootable USB drive. I changed from UEFI to olegacy mode and secure boot was disabled.
After boot from the USB the system gets stuck where it has to show me the HDD. it says that a driver is missing and asks me to use the disk with driver to it.
When I try to download the Bios and other drivers from DELL site for my model and put them in the USB it is not recognised.