My computer shut down automatically after 5-10 minute

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My computer was automatically shut down after 5-10 minute . I clean the ram and put it again but the problem can't be solved . When i start to watch youtube video computer shut down please help me .
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Is this a laptop or a PC?

If this is a laptop, cleaning the RAM won't do anything!

If this is a PC, did you clean the rest of the devices? Front grill. Power Supply fan. Back grill fan. The Front Bay.

Let us know what kind of machine it is, please!
Thank you

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I had the same problem..I tried all the options available and nothing worked out..lastly I took it to the service center and they figured out that it was the CPU cabinets fault..the restart switch had some small spark and it keeps restarting by itself...I had that replace and now its working fine..