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Afternoon there,
So I'm having a bit of a booting up problem. On startup, my HP laptop enters a loading screen in which only the blue HP symbol appears, along with the loading symbol. The problem is, after a few seconds of loading, it freezes and stays on that screen, and it won't budge. I can't make it into the sign-in screen, yet it oddly still is active, like I can hear it working normally but I don't get any feedback on the screen. Any ideas?

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Try seeing if it boots into safe mode. Press F8 during boot, and select Safe with networking!
Thank you

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What operating system is it?

Its windows 10, presumably with the most recent update.
@acmark thanks! turns out mashing f8 and shift works wonders in repairs! (for those having problems like me, hit f8+shift or alt, forget which one, and it'll bring up a sort of matenence mode. from there, just go to advanced options and see if you can't run in safe mode.) Thank you!
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Good deal, I am happy to hear a success!

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