My RCA tablet won't connect to WiFi [Solved/Closed]

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Friday July 22, 2016
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July 22, 2016
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My RCA tablet was not connecting to my Wi-Fi network. Assuming that it was damaged, I took it back to seller and got it exchanged with a new device. However, the issue remains the same.

Please help!

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I kept getting an authentication error when trying to connect to my WiFi even though I was connected to it till a few days ago.

My other devices were still connected too it. So, I knew it wasn't my router. Here's what helped me:
  • In the WiFi screen, I selected the menu icon.
  • Selected Advanced settings
  • Clicked on WPS push button
  • I pushed the WPS button on the front of my router and it instantly connected

Hopefully this helps someone!
Thank you

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Thanks worked 4 me
I'm on a public library router access and I pushed the WPS push button and it says the WPS failed ....try again in a few minutes ? What else could be the problem. I'm showing a strong signal connection.
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June 2, 2021
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Your tablet is trying to connect to your home router.
Yes! This worked for me. I always have routine issues with our RCA Galileo Pro tablet disconnecting from WiFi, and no matter how many times I restart my tablet and router, it still says there is Authentication Problems!!! Then I remembered this advice -- you just go to Advanced WiFi, and then select WPS Push Button option, as well as pushing that button on your router, and it connects no problem!!

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