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I have a new computer running vista . ( I live in the country ) so I have to dial up and then i have cable for internet .

I still have my other computer and id like to be able to go online with that one also.

is this possiable ?

can i have two pc's online at once ?

if i can , how do I do it ? Im looking to see if i can also do it without paying extra fees .

Thank you

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You should get an ADSL or broadband connection.. then split up the connection using a router or a switch to get both pc's connected
Ok Thank you very much for your help I appreciate it .

I wish i understood though !!!!! it almost sounds like you might be saying i need another phoneline in order to have two pcs online . Is that what you mean when you say I should get a ADSL or broadband connection ?

The pc im on now has to dial up and then i have two boxes for it to go online through rcn cable internet . I have to click the swith on a black box and it atomatically dials up and connects then i have to open internet explorer to browse the web.
could you tell me how to do what you suggested?
Thank you for your time and help : )