Linksys wrt54g isn't working!!!

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I've had my Linksys wrt54g wireless router for 8 months now, and It's been working beautifully. I bought a new ethernet cable for a new computer I am hooking up to it, and the second I plugged that cable in, the whole thing stopped working. My laptop sees a signal, Excellent strength, and it connects, but the internet will not work. Also, using any of the ports in back fail to produce any internet at all. I can plug my computer in directly from the modem and it will work, but the second I hook it up to my router, It doesn't work at all. I've never touched any of my settings on my router (, and I am hoping that it isnt fried. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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1. Try standard reboot procedure:
-turn off: computer, router,modem
- wait 3 min
- turn on modem, wait, router, wait, computer

2. if internet is not ok, ping router from computer (ping from the DOS screen)

3. If ping is ok, clone MAC, reboot with 20 min delay instead of 3
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