Can't view Linksys router web page WRT54G

GGameBoy - Apr 15, 2009 at 08:45 PM
 Neil - Aug 25, 2010 at 10:30 PM
I can surf the web with no probs at all, I have no probs with my internet at all. My network card is updated and I can't connect to the device web page (WRT54G). Well... sorta. I get the password log in username and pass. I type "admin" for both and get the page but its literally like 20% there. most of the links/buttons arnt even there. The page says it fully loaded and I can click some options but I have no idea what they are because there is no words loaded... Please help!

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I've had the same problem with my router off and on for the two years that I've owned it.

It has nothing to do with the computer / laptop / ipod touch / whatever you are trying to connect with. (As long as it has a normal web browser with scripting - I've noticed the Sony PSP can't load the setup, because it does no scripting.) I have a home network with a variety of devices attached, both through cables and through wireless.

The problem is inside the router. The setup pages are WEB pages, and are being served from a web server inside the router. The setup is made up of web pages with names like this:

Now if I do a complete reset of the router, following the manufacturer's instructions, then I can access those setup pages at

As time passes (months), if I log in to those setup pages, I notice that the pages begin to degrade. Buttons are missing. The layout becomes screwed up. I've seen previous posters mention this earlier in this thread. Strangely the router continues to work just fine. It has no other problems, it just begins to lose it's ability to serve up it's own setup web pages.

Eventually, the setup pages will not load up at all. That is where I am at today. I am plugged directly into the router, and when I try to load up the setup it says

The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.

Now, I know if I completely reset the router and go through the initial setup again, it will work fine for a few months. I've been through this before, probably about four times in two years.

Why is it doing this? I do not know. I suspect there are defects in the hardware or software, because of the regularity of the problem. I wish Linksys offered an easy-to-find solution, but I am not able to find. it.
I have been experiencing the same problems for over a year. The issue(s) mysteriously worked itself out and the router working fine for several months, then it suddenly stopped working again and this is where I am today. Rhe router continues to work fine as long as my PC is hardwired to it, allowing no wireless devices to have access. I can go online from this one PC, however, I cannot login in or it lets me in but cannot load it's own setup web pages to view configuration or refresh.
Fixed this problem.

Tried to find the answer here, no help.

I pulled the power (for 1 sec) and put it back in (hard reset).

Worked perfect after.

(I had the same problem with the html pages not opening properly).

Thanks! Worked perfectly. I've been troubleshooting this for 2 hours. I just unplugged and plugged the router back in. The router admin web pages display fine now (they were blank before). Much thanks!
Thanks Colin. LOL after an two hours :/
Wow worked great! thanks Colin!
Still not working for me : /
HI! guys I have also encounter this situation but mine only display only plain white.
i think its started when I connect another router to my desktop.. when I unplug my 2nd connection I still can't view my router's page.. I don't know what suppose to be the problem..
Hey guys,

I was faced with similar problem, that the page can't seems to load properly. After surfing the net in search for solution, I finally got the answer! Now I can access the page without problem.

The problem is likely due to router firmware issue. This is what you can do.

1) Go to to search for your router model, and download the latest firmware

2) Go to and download the linksys-tftp.exe available on that page

3) Run the linksys-tftp.exe program. Key in the details as below:
Server :
Password : admin
File : <look for the firmware file that you had download earlier>

4) Click Upgrade

5) You should be able to see the progress bar that shows upgrading in process and eventually, it will show a message that firmware had been upgraded

6) After that, try going to the page . Leave the username blank and key password as admin

7) The page should load nicely after the firmware had been upgraded successfully!!

Hope the above works for you guys!!
cuddleclips > Lynn
Dec 12, 2009 at 10:51 AM
worked great. thanks bunches!!!
Victor > Lynn
Dec 31, 2009 at 03:34 AM
I love you! Thank you so much :)
Thanks Lynn, worked like a charm for me too!
Jonny_S > Lynn
Mar 9, 2010 at 07:44 PM
Great job Lynn - worked perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to give such a clearly explained and accurrate answer.
Reset the Security settings on your connecting device (laptop or computer) to default.

Didn't find the answer you are looking for?

Ask a question
Hi All- just Googled and got this thread.

I'm having similar issues with an old Netgear router and a Senao AP, and to me the prob seems to be linked to the OS, not the browser or router. And the problem seems to "update" itsself into older OS's as it goes. Same symptoms- missing buttons, etc, or I get the complete page but when I enter changes (like login details from another ISP) then the router just crashes.

Problem first noted on my desktop under Windows 7 (build 7000) and FF, confirmed with IE and Chrome. Windows firewall and AVG AV
Then tested on Laptop with same OS, security and browsers, same result.
Tested on both machines and all 3 browsers with firewall and AV disabled, same result
Booted Desktop to XP SP3 with ZoneAlarm and AVG and tested fine under all 3 browsers
Booted Laptop to Vista Home Premium with ZA and AVG, tested fine in all browsers

Since then I have gone to Windows 7 build 7100 and dropped the AVG in favour of Avast. No change.
My Laptop under Vista can now no longer access the devices correctly. I have changed nothing but auto updates are activated.
I accidentally broke the XP install on my desktop so reinstalled it- not as dual-boot but as a Virtual Machine under Win 7 (7100) As a clean install of XP SP3 it worked fine, but auto-updates has now made it not access the devices correctly.
I have also tried an old version of FF (2.0) with updates disabled in these 4 environments without success.
My daughter's machine (XP SP3, FF, AVG, ZA) still works fine
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Nov 22, 2009 at 01:20 PM
I've had the same problem also. I could always connect when I was using Internet Explorer 6, but once I updated to IE 7, I could not acces the WRT54G's login page. Oh I got the login window and put in my username and password but it would not display the pages after that. I then read online (back then) that this was due to IE 7 not being compatable with the WRT54G router. I found this after Google-ing the problem, although I can't find those references anywhere today with Google. Anyway, I uninstalled IE7 to get back to IE6 and had no problem accessing it anymore. Then I reinstalled IE7 again. Now that I have IE8 & I can't get to it at all, I am looking for older versions of Opera or other browsers (I've tried the latest versions of Firefox 3.5.5, Opera 10, Safari 4.0.4, Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Avant Browser 10.1.023, and Aw2 Explorer 7, none of which work) to see if one works, because I'm surely not going to uninstall IE8 to go all the way back to IE6 to make it work everytime. If anyone knows which version of what browser works, maybe we can post this workaround for everyone to use. Linksys/Cisco sure isn't posting anything at all about (shame on them). If I find out anymore, I will post it.
I had the same problem too.. it happened just a few weeks ago. last month I still can access my router linksys.
i'm using that router for my office network. I think there is some kind of viruses, trojan, or worm infected one of workstation in my office, because I checked every computer on the network, and I found there is one computer that has send and receive packets more than 1,000,000,000bytes in just a few minutes. Is there any idea what was happened ? thanks.
I had this problem with a WPN824v2 it was down to the DHCP. I used the URL changed the LAN IP to and disabled the DHCP server, reset the NIC card to GW hit the URL with the changed IP then set the LAN back to and reenable the DHCP. Seemed to have worked.
HI Artjam

I've had no success with older versions of browsers, but older versions of Windows work fine.

I have now created 2 identical virtual machines running clean installs of XP Home SP3, IE7, FF3.5, Avast AV and Windows firewall. I disabled updating on one, and let the other one update itself. They both worked at first, but now the updated one is "broken"

Add this info to my post above and you get:
XP Home SP3 not updated- ok (2 physical machines plus a VM)
XP Home SP3 updated- not ok (2 physical machines plus a VM)
Vista Home Premium SP1 not updated- ok (1 machine)
Vista Home Premium SP1 updated- not ok (1 machine)
7 Ultimate (Build 7000)- not ok (2 machines)
7 Ultimate (Build 7100)- not ok (2 machines)

So a clean install of XP or Vista in a VM will work for you. Of course it's a workaround, but I'm not an IT professional and I have no idea what has changed to make it so.

When it works, it works with any firewall (M$ or ZA), any AV (AVG, Avast) and any browser (IE7, IE8, FF2, FF3, FF3.5, Chrome. It also works with both my devices (Netgear router, Senao AP)
When it doesn't work, it doesn't work with any of the above or even with all security disabled. The way to make it not work is to have an updated OS. That's the common denominator, tested to death.
Hello folks!
I was experiancing the same problem, and I landed here from a google search.
Gotta love google.

After skimming the posts, I decided to try a different browser.
I use IE & Google crome, so I did not have to install anything.

Well sure enough, the page loaded fine with Google Chrome.
Gotta love google.

Download it, and config your router with no worries.
I hope this helps!
GGameBoy I had exactly the same problem and it is very frustrating. I am running XP Pro and not Vista so I hope I can help. Are you running ZoneAlarm? If so add your router ip address ( to the site list under the privacy section. Allow it to set cookies, run mobile code, etc..... I set everything but third party cookies to enable. The page then showed fine. Please let us know if this worked or not.

I think the default settings for that router are:
I experienced the problem of not being able to display the web address of my router . I noticed that the problem started after I installed the shit IE 8.When I uninstalled it, everything is going well. My system is win xp sp3
my best regards.
Download and update the firmware from Linksys (you'll need to know you hardware version)
Use IE 7 to access your Router and update the firmware.
Then you should be able to access router from IE 8.
MAKE SURE you are NOT using ANY IE InPrivate filtering at all. The pictures that the users here have linked look EXACTLY like the problem I discovered. Disabling InPrivate filtering on IE does NO GOOD, the pages still WILL NOT LOAD PROPERLY. I do not know which filter IE picks up that stops these pages from loading correctly, my ONLY way around this was to delete ALL InPrivate / Ad filters. If someone finds out which ad filter is specifically doing this please let me know.
Hey guys,

For those of you still having issues displaying your Linksys Gateway page, there may be a much simpler solution than fiddling with internet scripting/security and firmware rollback options. Simply connect your router to your PC/Laptop using a spare Cat-5 cable, and then try launching again to access your gateway page. The page should display correctly since it isn't being filtered through an intermediate (I.E., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) and displaying directly from the router's firmware itself. At least that's what makes sense to me since I'm not an IT or programming expert.

Try it, and I think you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results.
enable javascript
1 I would update the firmware to linksys do agoogle search for linksys router firmware but with out being able to see all of the web page try resetting the router unplug it make sure you know the defualt pass word look it up on google

I am unfortunately having the same problem as Gameboy. I cant seem to view the full admin page once I log in.
I honestly cant remember the last time I had to log in into my router, so I can't say for certain what programs/updates have been installed since the last proper log in session. I don't have Zone alarm right now, but I did have it a while back and I was able to view the router web page fine. Also, I have avast and I did add in a url exception (httP:// but it didn't change anything, and I know that I was able to log in fine previously with avast running, since i've been using this program for a while now. Its really irritating cause I cant configure anything in my router, and I did try to reset the router manually by pressing the reset button for 30 sec, and I also tried to turn everything off (power, computer, disconnect everything and reconnect) but didnt make a difference. I have updated the firmware once before (long time ago), but I was able to log in fine even after the update, so im not sure what caused this.

Im running Xp pro, and here is a pic of how the admin page looks like when I log in.
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance..
I am having same problem the way I get around it now s I have downloaded Firefox from and use that free web browser and it opens all the admin pages and tabs. I have not found out what is causing IE to not work but Firefox will let you in and configure everything correctly
Read my post as this is EXACTLY what was happening on my system after adding an xml template of ad pages to block with IE InPrivate filter. Also some independant ad filtering software will not allow these pages to load correctly.
I currently have the same problem after upgrading to the latest FW on my BEFSR81. The only thing that works for me is to keep reloading the page until I get the whole page, then stop the browser before the router can reset the connection. It's a kludge, but it works. I am running Win7 64bit and Firefox 3.6.8. I should never have upgraded the FW...
Similar problem here. I think it has something to do with IE8. In the bottom left corner there is an error symbol and if I click that it shows ie8 encountering many errors loading the page. Should be able to fix the problem by updating the firmware or by going back to IE7.
Tried Firefox but same problem. Tried Safari and everything worked fine.
Anyone try FireFox with the IE Tab extension? Just curious; I use it for TS Web Access and it works perfectly.
Oct 19, 2009 at 05:20 AM
hi guys
i was peeved at this problem.couldnt see the full router page through remote desktop or via the page itself.running home server.then it came to me....firefox is a good idea.but to use the ie you already have try going into internet you have custom level then go into security tab and enable scripting.hope it helps you lot.
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Dec 11, 2009 at 10:43 PM
When I try to load my router page I get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error (IE7). It started in the summer, and then it magically fixed itself. Now its doing it again. I also tried with Google Chrome but had the same problem. I called Linksys several weeks ago, and they recommended a hard reset of the modem. I haven't done that yet; I'm afraid if I do and it doesn't work, none of my wireless devices (computers, iPod Touches, XBox, etc.) will work anymore (as the network password would be reset and I wouldn't be able to get to it). It sounds from this forum that that would only be a temporary fix anyway. Anyone have any luck getting Linksys to replace the modem?