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 twskeewee - Nov 19, 2010 at 08:19 PM
Not sure if this should be in the windows or hardware forum, but whenever my laptop (compaq presario V3000) goes into sleep mode I can't get it to come out of sleep mode. In the manual it says to just press the power button once. This does not work. Pressing any of the other buttons does not work either. The only thing I can do is hold down the power button and force it to shut down. Also, sometimes when I close the laptop and carry somewhere and then open it again, it has gone into sleep mode which means I have to do the force shutdown thingy and end up losing any unsaved data. I have changed the settings so that it shouldn't go into sleep mode when I close it, but it still sometimes happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Also, let me know if I need to provide anymore details.

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May 22, 2010 at 12:18 AM
So, thanks for posting this. I got a new laptop a few days ago with Widnows 7.. I don't know if it's the computer or what. Anyway, this is very frustrating, right? Something someone posted helped me, but I had to search around myself.

I JUST found how to make it so that the computer will not g o into sleep mode.. I suppose that is the current best solution while holding the power button breifly doe s not work. Here's what I did:

control panel > (click the arrow in the tool bar, after control panel) all control panel items > power options > change plan settings (first link) > set it so that it never goes into sleep mode instead of the "15 minutes" or whatever it is currently set to.
Hope this helped. IT HELPED ME. Thanks for posting.
Hey, I have the same exact problem. I can't tell you how to fix the sleep problemm (haven't quite found the solution myself) but I can tell you how can you stop your laptop automatically going to sleep so you don't lose your work. Go to control paanel > mobile pc > change battery settings. Now choose your power plan (i.e if you're using HP recommended), click on change plan settings. Now, on the options for Put computer to sleep, choose never, both while plugged as on battery. This way you're computer won't automatically go to sleep once you close the lid.
Computer shuts down at random ever 2-3 minutes. I have requested it to never go into sleep, then it will just shut off. Pleas help.