Laptop stuck in sleep mode

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I put my dell xps into sleep mode, and now it won't wake up. just get a balck screen with a flashing cursor. all diagnostics ok. just won't boot. any ideas please?

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Sooo... What if this DOESN'T work? For me, my laptop shows the "sleep mode" symbol light, the fan is running, discs I put into the drivebay make the sound of being read, but the laptop doesn't do anything. I've tried the discharge method above, even held the power button for over 5 minutes at one point, but to no avail. I disconnected the CMOS battery, even disconnected the hard drive, but still, when I turn the laptop on, on adapter or battery, The screen stays black (even on a separate monitor), the "sleep mode" light is turned on, and the device simply doesn't respond to anything.
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Hi there,

Remove the battery ,then press and hold power button for 2 minutes and reseat battery after and plug also adapter and power on.

Thank you for saving my sanity!
Thanks, it did work for me. REally good tip
Thanks you soooo much almost cryed and nearly had to buy a new computer thanks a million!
thanks alot..its work for my laptop too..
what is the procedure ? should I power off my laptop and then follow your instructions ?