Windows xp auto log off

L337D00D - Apr 30, 2009 at 06:12 PM
 raju - Aug 18, 2010 at 10:08 AM

I just read a thread about this problem but none of the answers are a possibility for me or worked so here we go i hope someone can help me as ive been having this problem for a few months now and would really like my laptop back

So when ever i log on to my laptop it boots properly however when i log in it gives me the logging in tone thing and says logging in but almost immedatly it gives me the logging out tone and loggs me out

I cannot access safe mode or hit the f8 key durring boot

I do not have a windows xp disk as the computer was a gift and did not come with one

I can not remotly access my regestry from another computer in the house

Slaving my hardrive is not an option

I apprecate any help you can give me and look forward to your advise
Also please forgive any spelling/grammer mistakes in this thread...I know im bad its something i need to work on

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I have exactly the same issue. Did you get any responses?
I never got a direct responce to this problem but i took some advice i saw on other forums

What i eventully did was i downloaded the recovery thing from the Microsoft site and booted from that

then i went in to the command prompt mode thing and copied the missing file from another computer i have

but im sorry to say i dont remember what the file was? hopefully if you look around you can find what it is but i cant remember...

ill try to find the originally site that i found most of the steps on and link it back here later

hope you figure it out ^^
dood need more info than recovery thingy
I think I know what his "thing" is. Ive had this same problem and ran through about 50 posts for fixes yet my situation is always slightly different so Im stuck. His "thing" (i think), is replacing the userinit.exe file. You extract it from n xp cd n then copy it to the local drive of the machine not booting. Then in recovery console you paste it into the system32 folder. There are fixes all over explaining this. However after 2 full days of constantly unhooking the problemed hard drive from the laptop and hooking it up through usb onto my working laptop, then putting it back in the bad laptop to test, Im ready to throw the laptop through my window... Here is my issue if someone can please help.

Problem.... I turn on Dell laptop. Welcome screen comes up. I type in the password for the one ID that appears. It says logging in. I see the desktop wallpaper for maybe 8 seconds. Then under the ID it will say, "saving settings, logging off".

My specific Problem with fix posted everywhere... I dont have a bootable xp cd. I do have the upgrade non bootable xp cd. So I hooked up the bad hard drive to my laptop as a secondary device via usb and on my laptop opened up a cmd prompt. I expanded the userinit.ex_ file to E: (which is the bad hard drive). After expanding i copy pasted the new userinit.exe file to E:\windows\system32. No luck. I then looked for all the userinit files on the bad hard drive. I replaced all of them... By the way, there were numerous viruses and malware on the bad hard drive in which i cleaned before this problem began.
I have read that there is one other fix which pertains to renaming the userinit.exe file to userinitnew.exe. Then going into regedit and changing the path to the new file name. But because I cannot login to the bad hard drive, I cannot access the registry of that laptop. Ive read to connect to the registry through the good laptop then using connect remotely through the network or something like that. Which I tried. But the bad laptop or hard drive is not on the network it is only connected via usb.
With all this being said I guess I have a 2 part question...
1. Is there a way to edit the registry on an external hard drive connected via usb through my working laptop?
2. Is there a fix for the auto logoff issue without having access to the registry, recovery console, and not being able to logon in safe mode. (safemode gives me the same problem as logging in normally) Its almost as if it begins to login safemode but then changes half way through and goes back to normal login mode.
Any help? As i said... window, throwing, laptop, is next,
Thanks in advance
Thanks fo the first tip.

Well apparently after going into safe mode, now i gotta figure out the administrator password, which i don't know since this laptop is a disc manual now....what do i have to do now...i could'nt even get to the desktop. I need help please this is so frustrating!!!!!!

Ive never had to recover the admin password myself (thankfully my little brother always remember it) so i quickly googled it

I found a page that listed a couple of different options
A couple of them are boot disks designed to crack the admin password (I think...i just quickly skimmed threw it)

If you read up on those you may be able to solve your problem
Google and download the ISO for Hiren's boot disk (Or just go here: Burn it to a disk and boot off it. There are a number of useful tools, including a local user (admin, guest, etc.) properties resetter (IE Disabled/Enabled). This includes a password blanking feature.
when i have to read any subject in 2 minutes with out press any key my lenovo laptop was autometically log off

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for.
Right click on the Desktop Screen and select Properties.
Select the Screensaver Tab.
Select a Screensaver from the drop down box.
Put a wait period in the Wait box and tick "On resume, display Welcome screen"
Select Apply then OK.
Hope this is what you are after.

Thats not all that helpful Mal because as previously stated, it immediately logs us off which makes it impossible to access the properties menu

After i replaced that file i talked about in my second post my laptop has worked just fine, so i would still say that's the best bet for anyone with this problem.