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 Jammedmix -

I don't know how weird this may sound but after setting up the modem, my laptop is the only with internet access through this router. Everything else just can't connect to the internet including my personal devices. Connecting to the router isn't the problem but it says there's no internet.

We used to connect to the internet through the wireless modem however the wireless signal has been giving us problems so I've decided to hook up this router that I got. The weird thing is no other devices can connect to the internet except my laptop. The model of my Router is the TPLINK N600

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Solved it. I did a hard reset again and reconfigured the whole router and everything seems to work after that. thanks :)
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I suggest you go to the support site for TPLINK and follow the set-up instructions. Sometimes modems/routers need to be powered up in the correct sequence when first connected.

Good Luck

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